"There was never any doubt in my mind. If there was such a thing as justice in this world, then why shouldn't there be people powerful enough to control its very will?. I dedicated my brilliance, my intelligence, my very livelyhood to the sake of creating the kind of hero that the people of this world could look up to. I wanted nothing more than to make the impossible a tangible possibility. To create a real, legitimate hero... unfortunately for you, I succeeded"
―Doctor Kawakami, Creator of RX_OVRDRV
Overdrive: The New Age Warriors
オーバードライブ: 新しい時代の戦士
(Obadoraibu: Atarashi Jidai No Senshi)
DirectorHideaki Anno
Original Run2016

Overdrive: The New Age Warriors (オーバードライブ: 新しい時代の戦士, Obadoraibu: Atarashi Jidai No Senshi) is a highly experimental, alternative magical boy/girl anime series that is to be created, written and distributed by ElectroDevil17. The primary themes and subject matters of the series are drugs, military, and science fiction, being only loosely based on magical anime tropes.


Dr. Yukio Kawakami was one of the most brilliant and praised scientists of the modern era. It was mere weeks ago that the brilliant philosopher and bio-scientist which shunned and denounced in the world of modern science, and subsequently the general public of the world, being labeled a "mad scientist" for his supposedly heinous and horrid crimes against humanity with the experiments he was conducting in secrecy. 

Itaru Kumon is a stuntman for various move and television agencies, being just 16 years of age, he has always dreamed of being a hero. Sadly, he lives in a grim world of terrorism, political corruption, organized crime and warfare, the kind of place where a hero doesn't belong. However, after a "chance" encounter, Itaru undergoes a freak accident and should be dead. With only the foggiest memories of his accident, itaru begins to develop strange characteristics, lack of sleep, elevated heartrate, and uncontrollable adrenaline rushes which all lead to explosively superhuman augmentations that he can't control. Thrust against his will into the world of the New Age Warriors, itaru must fight for his life, and to unravel the secrets behind what is happening to his body.





"You were chosen by Dr. Kawakami's medicine!, but you fail to grasp how much of a blessing that is!, the Overdrive selected you as its herald, but you insist upon wasting your powers for the sake of a fleeting ambition!. You are frail, weak, small, and totally undeserving of this power which will serve as the trailblazer of humankind!, you don't deserve the honor of being a New Age Warrior!, I'll finish you off here and now!"
―Kurata Fujikido, An Overdrive Test Subject




  • Like EVO, I was inspired to create Overdrive from many musical influences, in this case, primarily being "Rx Overdrive" released by Crossfaith. This anime is basically my own interpretation of the music video written into an entire series, with inspirations modeled after various other songs and music pieces that have been produced by the band throughout their career.

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