Orange Ribbon and Soul Scythe is a magical like series by May Reed A.K.A. Mint Spades. It follows the life of demon hunters Akari and Hatsuharu.


Life couldn't get any weirder for Hatsuharu. After meeting a girl in a top hat asking for his soul, he almost gets killed. Such fun. After agreeing to give his soul to miss top hat, he is soon forced to become a demon hunter.



  • Banto Hatsuharu
    • Hatsuahru, also called the Soul Scythe, is a demon hunter and partner of Akari. He's actually three months younger than Akari, but is the mature one of the group. Usuing his soul, he turns into a scythe, but is said to be on another level than most as he can cut through anything.
  • Kuraidesu Akari
    • Akari, usually known as Orange Ribbon, is a demon hunter and the partner of Hatsuharu. She finds cuteness in creepy things. She affectionatly calls Hatsuharu "Haru-chan", to tease him. She generally does care about him, making his protection her main priority.


  • Zora
    • Zora is Akari's rabbit, though it's unclear whether Zora is a pet or plush.
  • Lara Echo
    • Echo is a demon hunter from Greece who visits Akari and Hatsuharu. She sees Haru as a threat due to his power.
  • Rhodes Hyacinth
    • Hyacinth is a demon hunter and the weapon of Echo. His weapon form is a Glaive. He seems to have a one-sided crush on Akari.
  • Peony
    • Peony is Echo's pet cat, and like Zora it's unknown whether Peony is a pet or plush.
  • Prudence
    • A sort of ally that Akari finds annoying. She is often flirting with customers.







  • The Soul Scythe goes to the beach
    • Akari suggests that the two of them go to beach to relax, yet things don't go as planned
  • The Orange Ribbon blows up a ship
    • Never let Akari near a boat alone. Ever.





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