Oparu Kurikeshi is the main character of Mysterious Phantom Thief Iris Topaz. Her phantom thief identity is known as Iris Topaz. 

Oparu Kurikeshi
Kanji オパール栗ケシ
Age 13 (Oparu)

16 (Iris Topaz)

Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Rosewood red (Oparu)

Opera mauve (Iris Topaz)

Eye Color Chestnut (Oparu)

Silver pink (Iris Topaz)

Personal Status
Occupation Middle School Student (Oparu)

Phantom Thief (Iris Topaz)


She is a sweet and shy girl who gets average grades as Oparu.  She is a cool and mysterious person with atitude and a great sense of humor as Iris Topaz.


As Oparu

She has chestnut color eyes and rosewood red hair.  Her school uniform is made up a deep pink long sleeved top with a ruby red sailor collar and mulberry bow, and shocking magenta skirt with blue violet back bow.  She is also wearing fuchsia ballet flats and an amaranth pink bow in her hair.

As Iris Topaz

She wears a blue and purple sleeveless dress that has a dark pink bow on the front and back with a semi transparent fabric on the skirt and electric violet lace along the tops and bottoms of the dress.  She is also wearing dark blue boots with vivid violet ribbons, long indigo gloves with dark magenta lace, two wisteria jewel bracelets, royal purple diamond earrings, an electric indigo mask, and a long mid night blue cape.  She has silver pink eyes and long flowing curly opera mauve hair.




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