Nyan~yo! Binan ni! (ニャン〜よ! ビナンニ!Nyan 〜 yo! Binan'ni!) is the ninth anime series created by Japanesenerd247. The story consists of two brothers who become unlikely heroes in order to save the humans and animals from doom.

Plot Edit

The weird story begins with brothers Taihei and Matsu Mihara, which don't exactly get along very well. Taihei is well-rounded, but Matsu is hotheaded. As they were taking a relaxing bath at the Korube Bathhouse, a mysterious animal-like king placed a curse on them, making Taihei a cat human, and Matsu a fox human. Weirded out and freaked out, it turns out that Taihei and Matsu have to keep those powers until they defeat the person who cursed them. Using help from their girlfriends and their instincts, they have to work together to turn back to normal, while putting side their differences.

Characters Edit

Taihei Mihara (三原太平 Mihara Tahei)/Nyan Taihei (ニャン太平 Nyan taihei)

Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese), Dane DeHaan (English)

Taihei is the 16 year-old boy who is the well-rounded boy that everyone wants to be with, especially girls. When angered, he can start cursing and going all over the place. His favorite color is blue, because he thinks that it matches his personality. As Nyan Taihei, his element is ice, and his animal, is, of course, a cat. His finishing attack is Ice Megaburst, and his weapon is the Ice Cat Guitar. He also has Rage Mode, where his element changes to fire, and his attack power increases. His girlfriend is the cool yet popular Tsuki Hatsuharu.

Kazuki Mihara (三原一樹 Mihara Kazuki)/Kitsune Kazuki (キツネ一樹 Kitsune Kazuki)

Voiced by: Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Japanese), Jonathan Bennett (English)

Kazuki is the total opposite of Taihei, being the hotheaded one, and very unpopular at school. Despite his hotheadedness, he still managed to get a girlfriend: the wild Mitsuko Hamasaki. He is also the passionate one, especially with Mitsuko. As Kitsune Kazuki, his element is fire, and his animal is a fox. His finishing attack is Flame Superblaze, and his weapon is the Fire Fox Sword. He also has Calm Mode, which his element changes to ice, and his defense increases.

Villains Edit

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