Nishida Chihiro
西田千尋 Nishida Chihiro
SeasonBishoujo Senshi Cynthia
AgeUnknown (Cynthia)

15 (Chihiro)

Eye ColorGreen(Chihiro)
Hair ColorBrown, blonde highlights (Chihiro)
Home PlaceBallast (former)

Tokyo (current)

First AppearanceAct 1
Alter EgoCynthia
Japanese Voice ActorYui Ishikawa
Nishida Chihiro (西田千尋 Nishida Chihiro?) is the main protagonist of Bishoujo Senshi Cynthia. Her real name is Cynthia (シンシア Shinshia?), which is her robot form.






The protagonist of the show who is in fact a robot. Cynthia isn't your average robot due to the fact that she can transform into a human! She is really kind and sweet as well as being a very curious young robot. She can be extremely shy which leads to her having hardly any friends but feels that she has company anyway due to Mikuru's cheerfulness. She loves to read romance and sci-fi novels and despises war. Once she transforms into a magical girl, she is more brave and not afraid to say things without thinking.


This robot girl is Cynthia, also known as the fifteen year old human girl, Nishida Chihiro! She is extremely shy and is curious about almost anything. She is pretty much a very kind girl who loves a good read from romantic/sci-fi novels. And not only that, she also fights against evil as a magical girl known as Bishoujo Senshi Cynthia!


Hoshino MikuruEdit

Cynthia's first human friend and ally/sidekick. These two have a very strange relationship due to the fact that one is a robot/human and the other is just plain old human, as well as their personality differences. The two get along very well and are always looking out for each other, even if they just had an argument.



Image SongsEdit




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