Jane Smith


Personal Informations


Jane Smith


スミス ね子 (Sumisu Neko)
ジェーン・スミス (Jēn Sumisu)




Neko Sumisu








Hugo Smith (Father)




Sakuaragi High School

Other Informations

Appeared in:

Harem Prince

Voice Actor:

Yū Asakawa (Japanese)
Stephanie Sheh (English)

Neko Sumisu is the alias of one of Jane Smith, one of the female protagonists of Harem Prince.

Personality Edit

Neko while an average cute girl on the surface (read: Moe Blob), but is actually crazed Weeaboo that almost seems like a Manic Pixie Dream Girl with her weirdness. She's under the impression that her new life in Japan would be a Shoujo manga much like how Takuhiko thought his life in high school would be a romance and/or Moe. She is also rather boy crazy even when they turn out to be gay ,however unlike Takuhiko she's more interested in the courtship rather than the sexual aspects of a relationship. However she still has her own creepy qualities such as her passion for Yaoi causing her to treat gay people like they're the characters from.

Appearance Edit

Neko is a girl with mid-length orange hair that resembles cat ears and green eyes. Her casual wear mostly consists of either just an anime T-shirt with jeans or something that looks "kawaii". She often achieves this at school by wearing thigh-high knee socks with pink stripes, albeit to Takuhiko's disappointment with gym shorts underneath.

History Edit

Prior to the series, Jane was just an ordinary American otaku ,albeit with weird quirks, living in Utah. However, she claims that before her life on Earth she was a cat princess of the moon named Felisa who died in the arms of her lover Prince Lepus (who looked like Takuhiko) during an invasion by an evil space empire. When she was around six her parents divorced due to her father being gay and their marriage subsequently falling apart and his family in chaos during the process due to their Mormon beliefs, although she was too young to understand any of it at the time and her family refused to explain it due to "homosexuality being inappropriate for children". She lived with her mom and brother for the next ten years until she was made aware of her father registering for the JET program and wanted to live with him because of it. It took a while ,but Hugo eventually did get custody of her and has been living with him in Japan since.

Relationships Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Many aspects of her, including her first name, were inspired by an earlier character by the same creator, Jayne White (and subsequently her alter ego Niji Akemi, albeit way less psychotic) from "Puella Magi Mary Sue Magica"
  • Her all-time favorite anime/manga is Loveless, closely followed by Puella Magi Madoka Magica and Lucky Star.
  • While a majority of her dialogue is normal English, a few Japanese words such as "kawaii" and "sugoi" and honorifics like "-san" or "-senpai" are present in as a parody of both Weeaboo-speak and translations that leave certain Japanese words and phrases untouched.
  • Some elements of the plots were re-written on the realization that in order to avoid her coming across as a straight-forward Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

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