Nancy Momoe
Nagisa Momoe
Kanji ナンシー·百惠
Age 12 (Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly!)
Gender Female
Race Human

Magical Girl

Hair Color White
Eye Color Yellow
Personal Status
Relatives Maria Thompson (adopted sister, in both continuities)
Occupation Magical Girl

Kindergartener (Later in the unaired series, currently in the Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly! continuity)

VA (English) Rebecca Honig (documented)
VA (Japanese) Kana Asumi (Magical Molly! The Animation)

Nancy Momoe is a character appearing in the unaired Magical Molly! Spells of Rebellion finale trilogy.





Nancy Momoe in the Magica Quartlet's Magical Molly! ContinuityEdit

This article is still updating.

  • Unlike the unaired dubbed series, she was a runaway orphan.
    • However she was still Maria's adopted sister.
  • It was rumored that her abilities was given by the separate Charlotte's Magical Girl self.
    • However this was false.
  • It was revealed that Nancy is one of the survivors of the previous Magical Girl Team that Hilda had joined years ago.

Voice ActressEdit

  • English: Rebecca Honig (as written on the complete guide)


Normal formEdit

Magical Girl FormEdit



Nagisa Momoe is repurposed as Nancy Momoe.
  • 1797565 1461203324109313 921002402 n

    A small figure with a rude price.

    Nagisa Momoe
    • Price: 4444 yen
    • Release date: July 2014

The figma version of Nagisa Momoe is released by Max Factory.

Magical Molly! Action Figure SeriesEdit

  • Nancy Momoe


  • According to Magical Molly! The Complete Works, her VA (English) is Rebecca Honig, so that makes her having a dual role on the series.
  • In InsanityPeggy's version of Magical Molly!, she was named Nelly Matthews.
  • In the Japanese version of Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION, Kana Asumi reprises her role as "Nancy".

Foreign namesEdit

  • Japanese: ナンシー·百惠 (Nanshī Momoe)
  • Chinese: 南希·百惠 (Nán xī·bǎi huì)

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