General Information
Created onAugust 16, 2014
NetworkTV Hibiki★
EpisodesAround 24
Opening SongElemental No?
Ending SongKawaranai Sekai
Series Info
Mystic☆Beauties (ミスティック☆ビューティズ Misutikku☆Byūtizu?) is a magical girl anime created by CureHibiki which is set to premiere in late 2015. The story follows Nishida Suzuko as she meets four girls named Akane, Izumi, Haruka and Hana who protect the world as the Mystic☆Beauties from being put out of existence.


VALENTINE has already defeated each planet by defeating their element orb that they represent in the solar system and now they are targeting Earth! When Ellen finds out about this, she brings the four princesses who represent the four elements: fire, water, air and earth together and become the Mystic☆Beauties and go to Earth and live like normal girls.

Nishida Suzuko is just your average teenage girl. On the day when she moves to Akihabara Academy, she is attacked by a general of VALENTINE who is searching for the element Spirit but is rescued by the four Mystic☆Beauties and is suddenly swept into their life.

But shortly after meeting the four girls, she starts being able to sense how people are feeling...Could she be a Mystic☆Beauty too?


Mystic Beauties

Nishida Suzuko (西田すずこ Nishida Suzuko?)
The leader of the team who has the power to feel how people are feeling. Suzuko is a transfer student to Akihabara Academy who is kind and hates to be left out of things. She can get upset easily and represents the element of Spirit. She transforms into Mystic Spirit (ミスティックスピリット Misutikku Supiritto?) and her theme colour is violet.

Aino Akane (愛野あかね Aino Akane?)
The sub leader of the team who has the power to be able to touch fire with burning herself. Akane is a happy-go-lucky and quirky third year student at Akihabara Academy who is very sporty and has a fiery temper. She represents the element of Fire, she transforms into Mystic Fire (ミスティックファイア Misutikku Faia?) and her theme colour is red.

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