Mumfie's Journey
Kanji マンフィーのふしぎなたび
TV Series information
Directed by Britt Allcroft
Producers Britt Allcroft
Episodes 188
Airdate August 12, 2012-August 27, 2016
Languages Japanese, English
Studio D'Ocon Films
Original Channel TV Fuji (Japan), CiTV (United Kingdom), ABC Family (USA)
Original Run August 12, 2012-August 27, 2016

Mumfie's Journey is a British-Japanese animated series based off the Mumfie books by Katherine Tozer that airs on Fuji TV as part of it's Dream Story Theater program on Sunday afternoons, which showcases series based off stories from all over the world.

Plot Edit

The storyline is divided into four seperate plotlines that while unrelated, seem to have Mumfie, a young elephant, and the powers of a magic wand as a premise.

In the first plotline, which aired from August 1, 2012 to July 14, 2013, Mumfie discovers a magical wand that has secret powers only he, Scarecrow and Pinkey know about. It can transform him into anything he wishes to be, and can help him against evil, which is good timing for him-The Secretary of Night has returned from the shadowy realms of the inkwell where he once was sealed and is out to get revenge. In order to get the best power, Mumfie must put his magic to the test by using his wand to do good deeds for others.

The second plotline ran from July 28th, 2013 to June 22, 2014 is the most different out of the four and revolves around Scarecrow being sent into the future to save the world from The Secretary of Night's brother, The Secretary of Light, who wants to banish all fun things from the future world. In order to do this, he must become a Healing Idol named Scarecrowella and save the world with his music together with another girl named Hilary.

The third plotline, which ran from July 6th, 2014 to June 28, 2014, had two parts. The first part revolved around the secrets of various Mumfie characters, and the second part revolved around the new life of King Scarecrowella and The Queen of Night and their adventures in the royal palace and teaching Mumfie lessons about the strength of his magic. This season also contained 20th anniversary messages from the various Mumfie character

The final plotline, slated to air on July 5, 2015, revolves around Mumfie finding a mysterious heart-shaped locket in the Queen of Night's palace that links the past, present and future. After a minor accident with the locket, Mumfie accidentally summons versions of himself and other characters from the past, as their worlds are in danger as well, so he, Scarecrowella and Pinkey must travel back in time and use their powers against evil. The series finale also occurs in this plotline, and is slated to be a 90-minute movie to be run without commercials on it's original broadcast.

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