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figma Molly KelleyEdit

figma Madoka Kaname is repurposed as figma Molly Kelley.
  • Series/Number: MM-01
  • Release Date: Early 2014
  • Accessories: 10 Interchargable Hands, Bow (Open and closed), 4 Arrows of light, 2 extra Faceplates, 2 Dark Seeds, Cubey, 1 Posable display stage

The figma of Molly Kelley is released by Good Smile Company & Max Factory. The figure is identical to the original figma Madoka Kaname, but only labelled with a official Magical Molly! sticker on the original package.

figma Molly (Princess Form)Edit

figma Ultimate Madoka is re-purposed as figma Molly (Princess form).
  • Series/Number: MM-00
  • Release Date: Unknown
  • Japanese ID Number: EX
  • Accessories: 10 Interchargable Hands, Bow (Open and closed), 4 Arrows of light (X2 Large, X2 Small), 1 extra Faceplate, 3 Hair Pieces, 1 Posable display stage

My Best Friend setEdit

  • Release Date: March 2014
  • Japanese ID Number: SP
  • Accessories: 10 Interchargable Hands (Each figure), 3 Faceplates (Each figure), 2 Posable display stages
    • MOLLY: Bow (Open and closed), 4 Arrows of light, 2 Dark Seeds, Cubey,
    • HILDA: shield, time bomb, handgun, golf club, bazooka, M249, RPG-7, Bow and arrow, head with braids and glasses, extra fringe part with ribbon.

The figma of Molly is once again released, along with figma Hilda Adams, with extra parts. Both are identical to their original figma releases.

Magical Girl Set (Tentative title)Edit

  • Release Date: 2014
  • Accessories: 10 Interchargable Hands, Bow (Open and closed), 4 Arrows of light, 5 extra Faceplates (2 From figma Madoka (Magical Girl), & 3 from figma Madoka (School Uniform ver), 2 Dark Seeds, Cubey, 1 Posable display stage

Available exclusively through Good Smile Company Online, this Molly figma is identical to the normal releases, but contains a few parts from the figma Madoka Kaname (PSP Bundle). She was bundled with the rest of the 4. The new parts included in this figure is the flame effect for the bow.

Liquid StoneEdit

Mame-Shiki Molly KelleyEdit

  • Series/Number: MSM-01
  • Release Date: Unknown
  • Accessories: Interchargable Arms/hands, 3 Faceplates, Bow & Arrow, Dark Seed, Cubey & Afro hair part

A Mame-Shiki figurine of Molly Kelley is released by Liquid Stone. The heads & the other parts are compatible to the other upcoming Mame-Shiki Magical Molly! Figurines.


Magical Girl Figurine CollectionEdit

Molly (along with her final form) is released as a Magical Girl Figurine Collection figurines.

  • Series/Number: MGFC - 01 (Normal) 09 (Princess)
  • Release Date: November 2013


Magical Molly! Action Figure SeriesEdit

  • Molly Kelley
    • Release Date: February 2014
    • Wave: 1
    • Japanese ID Number: MM-AFC-01
    • Accessories: 2 Interchargable Hands, Bow & Arrow

One of the first figures selected for Hasbro's new toyline, Molly Kelley sports 14 points of articulation, and she includes her trademark bow & arrow.

And yes, she wears bloomers instead of panties.

The Japanese release had 2 variations of the figure: some random releases feature a different design of the bow and arrow.

  • Ultimate Molly
    • Release Date: 2014
    • Wave: 4
    • Japanese ID Number: N/A
    • Accessories: TBA

Magical Gear SeriesEdit

  • Molly's Bow
    • Series/Number: MGS - 01
    • Release Date: October 2013

A Magical Gear Series of Molly's bow is manufactured by Hasbro. The bow is ultimately based on an alternate design of Madoka's bow featured in the cover of Magia. This role-playing bow includes 6 projectiles (which is also based on an alternate design), And all of the projectile's tip had rounded off and placed with a flat suction cup for safety reasons.

For a usual toy bow, This one can fire arrows. Unlike the rest of the Magical Gear Series, this toy does not include electoronics.

The Takara Tomy release of this toy replaced the suction cups with the projectile tips, and the tips are replaced with softer plastic (and again) for safety reasons.

Talking FigureEdit

  • Molly Kelley (16-inch Talking Figure)

A Talking figure of Molly Kelley (in Magical Girl form) can play 10 different lines recorded by Christine Marie Cabanos (instead of Rebecca Handler), by pressing the gem on her chest.

Swap and BuildEdit

  • Molly Kelley (Swap and Build figure)

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