Miyuno Elle
美夜野 エル Miyuno Eru
SeasonIdol Star☆Cinderella
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlonde
First AppearanceIS☆C01
Theme ColorBlue
Japanese Voice ActorAina Kusuda
Miyuno Elle (美夜野 エル Miyuno Eru?) is the lead character from Idol Star☆Cinderella. She's a caring, charming and clever second year student at Royal Academy. She's a Fairy Drop idol and her princess motif is Cinderella.


Elle is of average height for her age with wavy very long blonde twin tails, held in with blue ribbons. Her bangs are parted to the left, with two strands in the front. Her eyes are blue with long lashes. She is most commonly seen in the Royal Academy uniform. While practicing, she wears a blue tank top, black yoga shorts, and blue runners. Outside of school, she's most commonly wearing frilly/girly clothes.




  • Nezumi - Elle cares about Nezumi, yet isn't as ambitious to be number one as her fairy partner is.

Common Idol OutfitsEdit

Elle is a Fairy Drop idol, which mostly consists of frilly/girly clothing.

  • Shining Ribbon Dress
  • Lovely Blue Wedding
  • Sugar Dream Princess

Non-Common Idol OutfitsEdit

  • Midnight Lace Dress
  • Marine Fortune


Miyuno (美夜野): Mi (美) translates to beauty yu (夜) in this case would mean night and no (野) meaning feild

Elle (エル): Elle (エル) is French for she, though it could be short for Ellen. Ellen means bright or shining one.

Together her name woulld mean beautiful night feild shining one.


  • Elle was originally named Ella, then Ellen but was changed to Elle.
  • Elle was originally going to be a never published Pri Para fan character.

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