Mirai Stars!
(Mirai sutāzu!)
Mirai Stars! Logo
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
StudioToei Animation
LicensorKiseki TV
NetworkKiseki TV
Original RunTBA
SuccessorMirai Stars! Rainbow Catch!
Opening SongLet's Shine! Mirai Stars! (1-25)

Soaring Miracles! Mirai Stars! (26-50)

Ending SongFuture Power! (1-10)

Rainbow Start! (11-20)

Creation of Fantasies (21-30)

Hope Shines Eternal (31-40)

Legend You Were Meant To Be (41-50)

Mirai Stars! (未来スターズ! Mirai sutāzu!?) is a fanmade anime franchise created by Chinatsu Kiseki.

Plot Edit

Characters Edit

Mirai Stars Edit

Kirameku Yozora (きらめく夜空 Kirameku yozora?)

The main protagonist of the series. Yozora is a studious 14-year old girl who dreams big dreams but is scared that she won't reach high enough due to bullies. Her alter ego is Mirai Galaxy, the glistening star whose theme colour is purple.

Hanasaku Haruna (花咲春奈 Hanasaku Haruna?)

The captain of the gymnastics club and ice-skating club. Her family is very rich but she doesn't act selfish, Her alter ego is Mirai Fleur, the blooming flower whose theme colour is pink

Aomizu Marina (アオミズマリーナ Aomizumarīna?)

Marina is a girl who loves anything to do with aquatic animals therefore dreaming to become a Marine Biologist. Her alter ego is Mirai Fontaine, the crystal droplette whose theme colour is blue.

Taiyōkawa Akemi (太陽カワ・アケミ Taiyōkawa Akemi?)

A very fashionable girl. She is the head of the Textiles Club and is an expert in designing and creating dresses. Her alter ego is Mirai Rayon, the shimmering light whose theme colour is yellow

Akimoto Ha (秋元ハ Akimoto ha?)

A girl with a green thumb. She is very kind but shy, Her alter ego is Mirai Clover, the lucky flower whose theme colour is green

Hino Aka (日野赤 Hino aka?)

The captain of the soccer, rounders and swim team. She is full of passion. Her alter ego is Mirai Flare, the passionate flame whose theme colour is red

Hoshizora Dawn (星空ドーン Hoshizora dōn?)

A girl who used to be one of the antagonists as Dim. Dawn is very elegant and smart as well as the twin sister of Utau. Her alter ego is Mirai Sunset, the radiant star whose theme colour is orange

Hoshizora Utau (星空歌 Hoshizora Utau?)

A girl who used to be one of the antagonists as Dusk. Utau is very kind and caring as well as the twin sister of Dawn. Her alter ego is Mirai Canto, the harmonic song whose theme colour is silver

Moto Alicia (モトアリシア Moto arishia?)

The reincarnation of Princess Sympathy of Mirai. She is very mysterious and has a heart of pure justice. Her alter ego is Scarlet Amoré, the true heart whose theme colour is scarlet.

Mascots Edit

Kiseki (キセキ Kiseki?)

The main fairy of the season. She is an owl-like fairy.

Kokoro (ココロ Kokoro?)

Kiseki's younger sister. Like Kiseki, she is an owl-like fairy.

Hane ( hane?)

A mascot from Mirai. She is the most intelligent out of the three mascots.

Antagonists Edit

Nightmare (ナイトメル Naitomeru?)

The main antagonist of the series.

Oscuro (オスクーロ Oskūro?)

The first antagonist to attack the Mirai Stars. She is cunning and always mocks others for their weakness.
After she is defeated by Mirai Galaxy, she is reborn as Hayashi Corrina

Noir (ノワール Nowāru?)

The second antagonist to attack the Mirai Stars. He is full of despair and loves seeing others despair.

Supporting Characters Edit

Kirameku Hoshi (きらめく星 Kirameku hoshi?)

Yozora's mother as well as the adoptive mother of Dawn and Utau. She was once a Mirai Star known as Mirai Fantasy, the star of creativity whose theme colour was gold

Items Edit

Mirai Charm (未来チャーム Mirai chāmu?)

The girls' transformation item to transform into the Mirai Stars.

Mirai Pacts (未来パクト Mirai pakuto?)

Hoshizora Dawn and Hoshizora Utau's transformation items.

Mirai Hearts (未来ハーツ Mirai hātsu?)

The main collectible items of the season.

Mirai Rods (未来ロッド Mirai roddo?)

The purification items of the first 6 Mirai Stars

Locations Edit

  • Yumesaki Hills (夢前ヒルズ Yumesaki hiruzu?) - the main setting of the series.
  • Yumesaki Academy (夢前アカデミー Yumesaki Akademī?) - the school Yozora, Haruna, Marina, Akemi, Ha, Aka, Dawn and Utau attend.

Merchandise Edit

Main Article: Mirai Stars! Merchandise

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