Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Murase Michiyo Chinatsu Kiseki --- --- --- OST 1
OPED Single 1
Vocal Album 1

miracleXdream (ミラクルXドリーム?) is the first ending of Hoshizora Miragear: A Light As Bright As The Sky and the first ending of the Hoshizora Miragear Series. The song is sung by Murase Michiyo, the voice actress of Yumekawa Hikari.

Sequence Edit

The ending begins with Hikari, Fusako and Maaya standing in a triangle like shape, looking up at the sky where the Miragear Bracelet with rainbow diamonds is seen spinning. The camera then focuses on the girls who then transform into their Miragear.

After, Hikari is seen walking across a field of flowers with her hands bind her back. Emily then sees and waves at Hikari, in which Hikari rushes straight towards her only to fall straight on her face after tripping. Emily helps her back up.


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