Miku Hatsune
初音ミク 'Hatsune Miku'
Age16 (S1, S2, S3)
Eye ColorTurquoise
Hair ColorTurquoise
Home PlaceHatsune Family House
RelativesMitsuki Hatsune (mother)
Tsuki Hatsune (father)
Mikuo Hatsune (older brother)
Japanese Voice ActorSaki Fujita
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Miku Hatsune ( 初音ミク Hatsune Miku) is one of the main protagonists of Of Gods and Goddesses. She's a demon hunter and is a goddess. She's the Goddess of the Full Moon, Music, Creation and Stars. With her brother Mikuo they form the Twins Gods of the Moon.


Miku and Neru

Miku and her brother were born to Nephalem gods (half-angel, half-demon) parents. They represent the moon. Miku's powers appeared when she was 12 and since then, she's been having hard times controlling them. Her powers even went awry someday and she is still learning to control them. As a demon she has multiple forms based on poisonous substances.

She is smart and is trains a lot to be a good demon hunter, demons fear her but some of them knows that she is still in training. Despite being smart she sometimes complexify easy solutions instead of finding the easiest ones. At first she was shy on battles but slowly gained more confidence.

Miku is determined to wipe all demons who are threats for humans and most importantly the Master Demons endangering the human species.


Miku is very shy and reserved, she doesn't talk very much to the other students of her school. She spends all her time with Yann, Sunny and Mikuo, she is cute and smiles everytime.

When she is in her demon form, she's the total opposite: she's frivolous, carefree, rebel and fully says what she wants to say.


Miku has a pale face,she has turquoise hair and turquoise round eyes, she always has a smile on her face. She casually wears a white and turquoise striped shirt, a light blue vest, a dark blue jean skirt with a red belt and turquoise high heels and white stockings.

In her demonic form,her hair is black with a red streak, she wears a black leather vest with silver studs, she wears a white tunic with a dark red checked motif with punk heart writed on it. She wears a pleated leather skirt with a dark red check motif, she wears leather boots with studs and red fishnet stockings and a black leather belt.

In her angel form she wears a white pencil dress, with gold decorations and at the top white angel wings with gold lines, a white feather like cape. She also wears a gold pearl belt with a gold crescent moon with a big round turquoise moonstone. She wears white knee-high boots and long white gloves.

In her demon form, she wears a heart shaped mini-black corset, she wears a mini-vest with silver studs on the lapel, she wears a red and black checked motif skirt with two layers and a black belt with silver studs. She wears black knee-high boots and a garter-belt with a gun holder where she holds her guns. She wears a fingerless glove in her right hand.


Miku (ミクMiku) means future.

Hatsune (初 HatsuNe) hatsu means the first and ne means sound'.

Miku Hatsune means The first sound of the future.


  • Reality Warping
  • Telekinesis - Miku tries to master Telekinesis and can use it very destructively, she can crush walls, lift big rocks, generates blasts that repel her ennemies and can use it to destroy an obstacle in front of her.
    • Telekinetic Constructs - She can create things with telekinesis, mostly weapons and shields.
    • Telekinetic Destruction - She can destroy walls, doors, limbs, windows and everything breakable.
    • Levitation
    • Molecular Manipulation - Miku can stop, accelerate and ihnibit molecules.
    • Psionic Explosion
  • Blue Pyrokinesis - Miku can manipulate blue fire, more intense and hot than normal fire, when she uses this power, the tips of her hair becomes fiery blue and flies. She can summon a blue firestorm and a circle of fire that incinerate her ennemies.
  • Lunakinesis - Being a goddess of the moon, Miku can manipulate lunar energy and transform it into whatever she wants. She can also manipulate gravity and elements associated with the moon. She can also generate lunar lights that purifies her ennemies.
  • Thalassokinesis - The power to manipulate oceans, using her lunar powers, she can summon huge water waves and can bend it at her will.
  • Hydrokinesis - Miku can shape and manipulate water, she can also breathe underwater and can transform it into anything she wants. She can also expand the size of water, boil it or freeze it.
    • Hydrokinetic Constructs
    • Hydro-Cryokinesis
    • Hydro-Thermokinesis
  • Cosmokinesis - She can manipulate cosmic energy, from manipulating cosmic fire to summon a cosmic phoenix, she can combine with that phoenix. She can also summon meteors, black holes or can create a vortex.
  • Flight - Miku can fly with or witheout wings, she has 4 wings (at both sides) just like her friends (except Kukai who possesses four wings at both sides). She can fly with a super speed and can also dodge everything by levitating.
  • Telepathy & Empathy - Angels can hear the toughts of other and feel their emotions. Sometimes the emotions are too much for her and she can handle it. She sometimes unpurposely sees the toughts of others.
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Superhuman Speed
  • Purification - As a goddess, Miku can purify anything touched by darkness, she can purify the souls of others, demons and use purified water to heal everything wich is corrupted by darkness.
  • Photokinesis - Miku can generate light and use it against demons, she can repel darkness with her pure light and can use it in combat. She can also use lunar light wich is even more purer and purifies every demon in front of her.
  • Umbrakinesis - In her demon form, Miku can manipulate, shape and mold darkness at her will, she can summon demons and use them against other demons. She can also summon shadow marionnettes.
  • Unarmed Weapon Wielding - Miku can use her weapons witheout having to wield them with her telekinetic powers, she can guide her weapons at her opponents and can attack them witheout difficulty.
  • Sonokinesis - Miku can mold, shape and use sound at her will, she can repel her opponents with soundwaves, sound blasts and do powerful musical attacks.
    • Sonokinetic Constructs - Miku can build any weapon, wall, shield or wings with her sonokinetic powers, she can create anything she wants, even living golems made out of sound at her own very will.
    • Sonic Scream - Miku can emit a scream so fearful it can make her opponents dizzy, it can also destroy everything when she screams.
  • Comakinesis - Miku can manipulate her extremely long hair, she can use them as whips mostly, she can cut anything with them and can also create golems and walls out of her only own hair. She mostly uses this powers in her demon form.
  • Creation - Gods and goddesses' most powerful power. She can't fully control it. She created servants using it but they didn't lasted very long. After training, she was able to create more durable servants and a dimension for them to live (altough she needs to recreate it sometimes).
    • Servant Creation - She can create servants to serve her and protect her. She cares a lot for them and can heal them or erase them (but she never does).

Divine FormsEdit

Divine FormsEdit


  • Time & Space Goddess - In this form Miku can warp reality and summon cosmic entities. She can reverse and rewind time (she hasn't mastered time reversal). She can charge blasts of space energy, create small wormholes or black holes.
  • Water Goddess - Miku can manipulate water in its three forms, by dancing or singing she can make water do her bidding. She can also manipulate anything with water (including humans but she hates doing it and hasn't mastered that).


  • Tsukuyomi - A four bladed scythe with the two blade beings angel wings and the other beings normal blades. At the top is a turquoise crescent moon. It is dark red and black with the angel wings being black bat wings and the moon is red.
  • Archangels - Two guns crafted out of divine metal. One is Michael (God's Wrath) the other is Gabriel (God's Strength). When she is in her demon form, Michael becomes Lucifer and Gabriel Asmodeus.
  • Horn Heels - In her demon form, Miku's boots have horn-shaped heels which can cut opponents or smash them, she also has red daggers hidden in the belts of the boots.
  • Hecate - A chain-sword, which wields lunar magic within it, it can act on itself and manifests it's true powers when it is in contact with Miku's blood.


  • Favorite Color: Turquoise
  • Favorite Foods: Leeks,tempura,okonomiyaki,takoyaki, yaki udon and tonkatsu.
  • Disliked Food: None.
  • Favorite Styles: Feminine,cute and pastel clothes (normal),leather,studs and punkish clothes (demon).
  • Favorite Flavors: Vanilla,chocolate and strawberry.
  • Favorite Musics: J-Pop,Glitch Hop,Dubstep and Future Bass.
  • The fact than she has guns to her feet is similar with Bayonetta.
  • Since her parents and Yann and Sunny's parents were born over 200 000 millon years ago,their true ages are unknown.