Mikan Hachimitsu
Hachimitsu Mikan = はちみつみかん
Eye ColorAmber
Hair ColorDark Brown with honey blond at the end
Home PlaceHachimitsu Residence
Japanese Voice ActorYui Horie

Mikan Hachimitsu (はちみつみかん Hachimitsu Mikan) is the main protagonist of Magical Maiden! Go!. She was a normal angel who was later tasked to be a guardian angel. She plays a major role in the spin-off series Young Witches of Salem.


Mikan was born and she is raised in Japan and her parents' business are all around honey (which corresponds to her family name), she lives in a cute house which is at the middle of the town and countryside. When she was little she went to the same primary school with her two bestfriends Mina Natsumi and Ichiro Tanaka they still go to the same school. Mikan showed some powers in her childhood as she immobilized everything in her path. She goes to a normal school and she loves studying languages, literature and and physics. She wished to be a florist and later to own her own café like her mother. She also likes studying music and is described as a good singer. She is still a bit reluctant and hesitates about what she truly wants to do.

She discovered her powers when she immobilized a glass of water in mid-air, she later discovered her power of Astral Projection when she saw her body sleeping while she was next to it. Her mother then said that she is in fact an angel and that she was born with special powers. Mikan uses her powers for good and struggles to control them, mostly her astral projection. Mikan mostly uses her light powers to create arrows of light to repel evil, using them she created the Shiny Bow and Shiny Arrows which are her main weapons. The Ancients watches Mikan's actions from above and once she was able to finally master her powers, they decided she was ready to be a guardian angel. Her first protégée was Molly Osborne an american girl who has certain powers due to her ancestor being Sarah Osborne one of the witch of the Salem Witch Trials. She helped Molly overcome her fears and how to use her powers.

The Ancients bestowed her the power to manipulate light that purifies anything who was corrupted by evil which was later used by Mikan to enhance the power of her Shiny Bow and Shiny Arrows. When her friends were all in danger due to a high-level demon, she used her last essence of powers to heal her friends and collapsed. Everyone was worried about her and by the fact that she did not use it to protect herself. But the remaining light of her Angel Heart and her strong and pure heart, allowed her to embrace her Transcendant Form, a powerful and sort of ultimate form for Angels. She was later able to use this to vanquish the demon who threatened her and her friends. Mikan is also now able to use this form at her will, she is now fully able to fullfil her duties as a guardian angel and lives a peaceful life with her family and friends.

She usually helps Molly and is a great helper for the witches, her magic skills and knowledge despite being an angel and not a witch, makes her a great teacher. However, a witch who was in charge to foil Molly's plans, created a spell to engulf Mikan in darkness and transform her into a Dark Angel, which succeeded. Mikan becamed dark and antagonistic to the witches and tried to aspire them into a Void, Emily's plan almost succeeded until Ichiro came to rescue Mikan and broke the spell with a kiss. Mikan also helped Emily broke free of the authority the Witch Hunters had over her, after that she joined the good side and started helping the other witches getting rid of them.


Mikan is shy, reserved and doesn't talk very much, she is very serious and studious when it comes about homework and likes helping her parents at the café. She struggled a lot with her powers and had difficulty accepting the fact that she is an angel. After she was hired as a Guardian Angel, she becamed more serious about helping people and after she succeeded to help Molly, she wasn't shy anymore. Mostly after she achieved her Transcendant Form, her shy and reserved personality fade away and becamed more confident.


Mikan is a feminine girl with a pale complexion, she usually wears flower printed clothes with brown tints, she likes wearing flower hairpieces. She has amber eyes and dark brown hair who is colored in honey blond at the end. She always wears her Angel's Heart. Her is most of the time straight or wavy/curly.

In her school uniform, she wears a black blazer with the school blason on it, and a white chemise with a black, white and gold triped tie, a grey skirt with a black, white and gold checked motif. She wears black loafers with black stockings and a cuff which is black and white striped.

In her Angel form, she wears a dress composed of white feathers, the top is an off-shoulder top looking like feathers and a long skirt opened at the end with a gold tint at the end, white high-heel shoes with striped brides. She has gold-colored wings.

In her Transcendant Form, her skirt is longer with more gold on it, the feathers of the top are longer too, the dress is sparkling and she has feathers on her shoes. She has now three large wings and wears a silver tiara with gold roses at each end.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Astral Projection - She can astral project and had a lot of difficulties controlling it, when she started to astral project, she could only fly and couldn't use her powers. She once astral projected when she was awake. After a lot of work, her body stopped to collapse and now stood up. She can now use her powers easily.
  • Telekinesis - She can move things with her mind, at first she could only do that but after she was teached by a master of this power, she could destroy, levitate and hang on walls using this power.
    • Psionic Strength - She can enhance her physical strength using mental energy, enhancing it so much that she can reach superhuman strength.
    • Levitation - She can levitate and can stay and walk on wall.
    • Telekinetic Destruction - She can destroy anything, ranging from windows, to cars, to pillars destroying houses by the way.
    • Telekinetic Blast - She can blasts her enemies using a wave of telekinetic energy.
  • Molecular Combustion - She can speed molecules to the point they combust and makes everything explodes.
  • Molecular Immobilization - She can low molecules to the point they stop moving.
  • Photokinesis - She can manipulate light, she can purify anything using light and repel evil. She can use light to heal wounds.
  • Flight - She can fly using her wings.
  • Orbing - She can teleport using orbs.
  • Photoportation - She can teleport using light.
  • Empathy - Mikan feels the emotions of the others, she can use this power to channel the active powers of the others.
  • Master Archery - She is a very good archer and trains a lot with bows and crossbows, she usually trains in the forest. She has a keen eye as she never misses her target.

Magical TechniquesEdit

  • Arrow of Light - She can transform light into arrows and use it to repel evil.
  • Blast of Light - She can shot a deadly blast of light which pierces trough any monster.
  • Rain of Gold Feathers - Using light to transform it into feathers, she creates several of them and shoot them as projectiles at her opponents.
  • Holy Blade - She can transform her Shiny Bow into it Shiny Blade form to cut demons.
  • Ultimate Purification - Mikan's purification attack. She overwhelm the place with light that repel all evil.
  • Mega Shiny Arrow - She shot an huge arrow which explodes into a ray of light when it is contact with evil.


  • Angel Heart - The transformation weapon of Mikan. After she could activate her Transcendant Form, she didn't need it anymore but still wears it.
  • Shiny Bow - The bow created by Mikan with pure light.
  • Shiny Arrows - Arrows made of pure light that purifies corrupted hearts and repel evil.


As a guardian angel, she guides people and help them. She mostly helped witches and future angels. Mikan also helped trouble humans.

  • Molly Osborne - A young witch with the dangerous powers of thermokinesis and pyrokinesis. Molly was a sad girl feared by anyone in her class and was afraid to never have friends. Mikan helped her controlling her powers and have more confidence in herself. After she started to meet more girls like her (witches who are ancestors of the salem witches) she started to have more confidence and became a sort of leader of the Young Witches.
  • Kylie Wildes - Also a young witch, she was sure of herself and pretentious but in fact she was a sad girl and was mistreated by everyone and after she discovered her powers, she started to make everyone fear her. Mikan helped her overcome her fear of abandonment and also to become kinder. Molly and Kylie are in the same class.
  • Amelia Good - A witch with an excited personality. Altough she seemed outgoing and happy, she faced a big family problem and cried every night. She asked help and Mikan appeared. She then decided to tell her parents to stop yelling on each other with tears and they hugged her and decided to stop always having feuds.
  • Thomas Howe - A young boy popular among girls who had difficulty talking to the girl he loves, he was devastated by the fact that this girl (who was Kylie) was already in love. Mikan (who used her power of Empathy) knew that this girl was in love with him and cheered him to confess. He's a witch too.
  • Arthur Martin - A rebellious and malicious guy who has all the girls at his feet. He is a witch and possess strong ice powers. He usually protected Molly when she was mocked by Kylie. He is secretly in love with her but she didn't liked him at first. But she ended falling in love with him at the end.
  • Daichi Kawazaki - A future angel who she had to protect from evil forces, she helped him overcome a lot of his fears and use his powers. He also had difficulty talking to the others. But after he mastered his powers, his shy personality fade away.
  • Miya Inoue - A human who faced family problems because of her abusive father, her mother was beaten by him and driven into madness because of him. Mikan helped her retrieving her mother and her father was arrested. She now lives with her mother and helps her.


  • Favorite Foods: Honey waffles, chocolate pie, sukiyaki, katsudon, salisbury steak, salmon sushi, crepes, meat pie.
  • Favorite Drinks: Milk with honey, tea, vanilla smoothie.
  • Favorite Color: Yellow
  • Most of her charges were all direct descendants of the witches who were all accused for witchcraft in the time of the Salem Witch Trials.
  • Mikan who possesses the power of orbing also possess some of the same powers of the Charmed Ones:
    • Prue - Telekinesis
    • Piper - Molecular Immobilization and Molecular Combustion.
    • Phoebe - Levitation and Empathy.
    • Paige - Orbing.
  • The fact that she helps future angels and witches is similar to the duties of a Whitelighter.

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