Mia Fickle is the duatragonist and best friend of Yasmin Leon in Yasmin The Hero!

Mia Fickle
Tumblr inline nfx0z1RHI11qe8eev
"I just can't remember..."
Japanese Name Togo Mimori
Appears in Yasmin the Hero!
Age 15
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Black (Normal), Light Grey (Transformed)
Eye Color Dark Green
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Father and Mother
Occupation Student, Hero Club Member, Heroine
VA (English) Erica Harlacher
VA (Japanese) Suziko Mimori

Appearance Edit

Civilian Edit

Hero Edit

Personality Edit

Mia is shown to be very forgetful, often muttering to herself "I can't remember all of a sudden." when asked personal questions. She is also very shy but Yasmin states in episode 1 that she is trying to be more outgoing.

Changes and Edits Edit

  • In YYiaH, it is said that Togo is in a wheelchair due to a car accident. But in YtH!, Mia has a disease that renders half her body paralyzed.

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