Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Pure Pearl is a Fanmade anime created by CureJade2910. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch / Pure. I only made third installment to it.


Lucia and the other 6 mermaid princess are back at their kingdoms and rebuilding them. However they do not know that a new force of darkness has arrived. Lucia comes back on the shore to visit Earth but finds out that the Black Beauty sisters have been revived! She then plans to go to the 6 other ocean kingdoms to warn them. But the other rulers had already came to the shore and told her that their kingdoms were destroyed. Can Lucia and the other 6 mermaids defeat the darkness along with a new mermaid princess?


Mermaid Princesses

Nanami Lucia

Lucia is a cheerful mermaid that seems to have worried in the past about turning into foam and likes to find romance. She doesn't seem to like studying and likes to watch Kaito surf. She is the keeper of the Pink Pearl.

Hoshou Hanon

Hanon is a mermaid that is obsessed to make up and fashion. She is quite friendly however she acts quite different when it comes to meeting boys. Has on is a romance expert and helps Lucia. She owns a small pet jellyfish. She is the keeper of the Mizuiro (light blue) Pearl. NOTE: Many people may think Hanon is the keeper of the Aqua Pearl however Mizuiro translates to Light Blue meaning that Hanon is the keeper of the Light Blue Pearl.

Touin Rina

Rina is strict and a bit stubborn at first but actually has emotions. She is calm and dishonest. She is obsessed with winning a Plasma TV in the lottery but is unsuccessful . She is the keeper of the Green Pearl.


Karen is the younger twin sister of Noelle. She acts mature and seems to be a bit cold at first. She is actually quite loyal to them. She is the keeper of the Purple Pearl


Noelle is the older twin sister of Karen. She has a kind and gentle nature. She can be a bit shy. She never betrays anyone and is best friends with Rina. She is the keeper of the Aiiro (indigo) Pearl.


Coco is a cheerful person that has a bright personality. She likes to flirt with boys on land.




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