List of Mermaid Melody Crystal Pitch episodes.

Episode # Title Villain Song Singer(s) Main Events
01 Crystal and a new Evil Ena
  • Atsuko
  • Rina, Lucia and Hanon
  • The main trio meet a mysterious girl known as Ruby Crystal Voice and a enemy
  • They discovered that they have new mission and learn about the Crystal Mermaids, their world and what they're doing in their world.
On the way home from there new high school Lucia, Hanon and Rina get attacked by a mysterious woman who reveals herself as Ena and that she serves Dark Thorn. They transform into their idol forms, but it didn't hurt Ens much as they want. She used her voice to hypnotize them and were about to take the pearls away from them when a voice came out that snaps out the trio hypnosis. The new girl introduce herself and begins to sing, playing her guitar and dance, it hurted Regina as much and she said she will win next time and teleported away. The trio asked who is she. She said they will know in due time and transform into her human form and leaves before they could stop her. They went to home, wondering about her and Ena. They, Nikora, Madame Taki and Hippo talk about the whole thing. Madame Taki gasped and reveals to the others about the Crystal Mermaids and why they doing in their world. And that that girl is one of the Crystal Mermaids and Regina is one of their new enemies. Nikora told them that now they have a new mission. Later that night, they thought about what Nikora and Madame Taki said when suddenly heard singing of the song Ruby Pearl Voice was singing. They quickly followed it to the beach but the voice disappeared when singing but Lucia glimpsed something not far away from them. In the moonlight, it looked like a bright red tail-fin with rubies on them.
02 An Amazing Discovery Flavia
  • Legend of Mermaids
  • Melody Kiss
  • Atsuko, Mana and Yukari
  • Rina, Lucia and Hanon
  • The mysterious girl reveals herself as Atsuko Katsumi and she introduce the rest of the Crystal Mermaid Princesses and Yuzuki Kitao. They told the trio about themselves how they go into their world and how they saw the danger coming into their world.
  • Dia, the Crystal Mermaid goddess and Aqua Regina combined their powers to upgrade the trio Microphones, making them able to be stand up more to Dark Thorn.
  • The trio invite them to live in Pearl Piari which they accept since they have no where to live on land.
  • The Crystal Mermaid Princesses and Yuzuki Kitao meet Nikora, Hippo and Madame Taki and discuss a few things.
  • Mana and Yukari's pearl voices as Sapphire Crystal Voice and Emerald Crystal Voice form first appeared.
Lucia, Hanon and Rina went to a new music shop called "Crystal Crescendo" where they meet a familiar face. Atsuko introduces herself and the other CMP's. After a while, Flavia attacks them. The trio are still to weak against her but soon two lights appeared, Dia and Aqua Regina who upgrade their Microphones together and able put up a fight. After Flavia teleported away, from being defeated, the trio decides to let the Crystal Mermaids live in Pearl Piari where the CMP meet Nikora, Madame Taki and Hippo. The next day the Crystal Mermaid Princesses transferred into the girl's school, but each in a different class with Atsuko in the trio class.
03 New Love Ikue Grateful Crescendo
  • Atsuko, Eri, Yukari and Mana.
  • Lucia, Hanon and Rina.
  • Atsuko joins the soccer and street dancing club.
  • Miwako joins the fashion and flamenco club.
  • Sakura joins the ballet and art club.
  • Chiyo joins the Hip-Hop dance and crafts club.
  • Yukari joins the track team and blues dancing club.
  • Mana join the Gymnastics team and tap dancing club.
  • Eri join the book and Odori dance club.
  • The Crystal mermaid princesses join the music club.
  • Kenji and Makato first appeared.
  • Eri appears forms as Amber Crystal Voice first appears.
With the Crystal Mermaid Princess fitting in, Mana bumps into a boy name Kenji. She fell in love with him while Atsuko meets a boy name Makato with bumping into each on their ways to their clubs and it was love first sight but she runs off. When Ike came to attack Eri join Atsuko, Mana and Yukari to fend her off. Meanwhile, Luchia, Hanon and Rina were on their way to their classes until they saw the CMP in club activities. Their were shocked to see the CMP to do those things in land without hesitation. Atsuko explains that CMP had been studying about the land at a young age.
04 Crystal Past Mie Beauty of the Sea Atsuko Katsumi, Mana Fujisaki, Yukari Mouri, Chiyo Takagi, Sakura Takagi, Miwako Shibuki and Eri Nakamori. The Crystal Mermaid Princesses will be dancing, playing instruments and singing their own skills at Performer Square.
On the weekend, Luchia, Hanon, and Rina going shopping until they stepped in a place called Performers Square. They saw people gathering around cheering on something. The three Mermaid Princesses struggled their way to the center until they found something amazing. In the center, the Crystal Mermaid Princesses were in the center, showing off their dance and Musical skills. Later on the CMP reveal some of there past.
05 Crystal Crescendo Crisis Flavia Rainbow Notes Yukari Mouri, Chiyo Takagi and Sakura Takagi
Crystal Crescendo is not getting any business so the Lucia, Rina and Hanon try to find a way to get more business to the shop.
06 Taro Visit Akumu Melody Dance Hanon, Rina, Lucia and the Crystal Mermaid Princess Taro comes back for a visit
Taro Mitsuki come back for a visit and brought his nephew, Zenko with him. Taro meets the CMP. The Mermaid Princess began to tell the Crystal princess about Taro and his connection to the mermaid princesses.
07 A Cousin Visit Shanshan Sunrise Lucia, Rina, Hanon and The Crystal Mermaid Princess
Kaito uncle Ichiro and cousin, Kaoru come for a visit and they come to play in Kaoru baseball match against another team.
08 Special Abilities Majo Cosmic Paradise Lucia and the Crystal Mermaid Princess Kaito meets the Crystal Mermaid Princess
Lucia introduce the CMP to Kaito. Lucia became jealous of Atsuko of being able to do things she can't able to with Kaito but later made up with her.
09 Sugar and Spice Shanshan Beauty of the Sea The Crystal Mermaids Princess and Rina
The Crystal Mermaids, Yuzuki and Rina started to going to cooking class to learn how to cook but Rina begin to struggles.
10 A niece Visit Ikue Beauty of the Sea Lucia, Rina, Hanon and Mana Maki reveal to have a niece
Maki and Saori niece, Tara comes for a visit which she is need to find seashells for her crafts shop.
11 A Nephew Wedding visit Flavia Cosmic Paradise Lucia, Rina, Hanon, Mana, Miwako and Atsuko Maki reveal to have a nephew
Maki nephew, Josuke comes for a visit and is getting married and the princesses need to help the wedding.
12 Drawing block Ena Grateful Crescendo Hanon, Rina, Chiyo and Atsuko
Hanon who want to become a artist like but struggle to do it but soon manages to thanks to help of Sakura.
13 Lets Help Flavia Beauty of the Sea Rina, Atsuko, Lucia and Hanon Kaito reveal to have another aunt and cousin.
Kaito aunt, Eho and cousin, Juria comes for a visit but feel downhearted of not being able to help much to her friends at the park but regain her resolve after being encouraged by her mother.
14 Rina in Charge Akumu Melody Dance Rina, Atsuko and Chiyo
Rina is put in charge of Maki shop which struggles to do but the customers show appreciation how hard she work on her task.
15 Crystal Bonding Ikue Grateful Crescendo The Crystal Mermaid Princess, Lucia, Rina and Hanon
Lucia, Rina & Hanon and the CMP go on a camping trip to get know each other and to see how much they have in common.
16 Mending Bonds Majo Rainbow Notes Chiyo and Sakura
Kaito inadvertently causes a rift between Chiyo and Sakura when talking about how different they are. The sister friends make them goes to a lake for a boat ride to reconcile.
17 Eri Reading Shanshan
  • Rainbow Notes
  • Echo
Atsuko, Lucia, Hanon, Eri and Rina than Eri
Lucia, Rina, Hanon and Atsuko help Eri with a dance recital to children at library.
18 Atsuko Pressure Akumu The Crystal of the Seven Seas The Crystal Mermaid Princess The Crystal Mermaids Princesses got to there first Party in Lucia world.
The Crystal Mermaids first time got to a party but Atsuko run away due to the fact she couldn't handle it she meets Makato who gives her advice.
19 Meeting the Others Mie Seira, Noel, Coco, Karen and the Crystal Mermaid Princess then Noel Noel gets her own song.
Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen come to visit and meet the Crystal Mermaid Princesses and Yuzuki Kitao. And they get to know about the Crystal Mermaids, their world, Crystal Crescendo, the mission etc. As they got to park to bond with each other but Noel is having trouble making friends with the Crystal Mermaid Princesses.
20 Coco Dream Ena Fantastic Life Coco Coco gets her own song.
Coco comes for a visit and stating her wish to find her speciality.
21 Mermaid Princess Training Shanshan Winter After Winter The Crystal Mermaid Princesses, Rina, Hanon and Lucia
Dark Thorn had gotten stronger than before. The CMP went back to Crystal Terrae for training to get stronger so they can beat the Dark Thorn. The MP follow them so they can get stronger as well.
22 Go Seira Flavia Winter After Winter Siera and the Crystal Mermaid Princess
Seira comes for a visit and meets the Crystal Mermaid Princesses which the mermaid princesses tell them about Sara and Seira which soon leads Atsuko and Makato meeting up with each other.
23 Crystal Time Ikue Sunrise Karen and the Crystal Mermaid Princesses
Karen comes for visit and meets the Crystal mermaid princess that she spends time with each one.
24 Sandy Art Shanshan Beauty of the Sea The Crystal Mermaids
The Crystal Mermaids enter a sand art contest but Chiyo is having trouble of what to make.
25 Icy Rink Mie Rainbow Notes Rina, Lucia and Hanon
Lucia and her friends enter a Ice skating competition but Mana is having trouble keeping up with the others.
26 Efforts of the Heart Ena Melody Dance Atsuko, Chiyo, Mana and Miwako
Atsuko, Chiyo, Mana and Miwako help out at an elementary school trip to a museum which they have to help a boy get along with his classmates.
27 Everyone Help Out Flavia Cosmic Paradise The Crystal Mermaids Princesses
The Crystal Mermaids visit a farm which they soon begin to help out which they soon struggles as they are not used to do this.
28 Fashion Style Majo Princess Fortune Miwako
Miwako and her fashion club are designing costume for the drama club but Miwako is having trouble show off her designs.
29 Atsuko Soccer Shanshan The Crystal of the Seven Seas Atsuko
Atsuko begins training for a soccer team tournament but soon have struggle with her duty as a Crystal Mermaid Princess.
30 Meeting of the Amagi siblings Majo Dreaming Prism The Crytal Mermaid Princess
The Crystal Mermaid princess meet Rhito and Michal. Rhito have to go on a day trip and leaves Michal with the Crystal Mermaid Princess to take of her which the Mermaid princesses tell them about her and Rhito.
31 Eri's Story Flavia Eternal Clover Eri
Eri entered a short story contest but is having trouble deciding the plot.
32 Cake Dreamers Ikue Blue Moon Dance Chiyo
Chiyo enters a pastry contest but she having trouble with a design.
33 Glimmer of Love Ena Glittering Clouds Mana Rhito get a girlfriends name Kioko
Rhito love interest, a opera singer name Kioko is doing a performance and Rhito needs help confessing his feeling towards her.
34 Yukari Video Majo Heartlight Yukari
Yukari volunteer to help create a video to show off Pearl Piariri and Crystal Crescendo but is having trouble of what to do.
35 Sakura Dance Shanshan Dream Star Sakura
Sakura is having trouble doing an advance ballet move while trying out for a ballet show but receiving encouragement form Eri she manages to do it.
36 Sweeties Dreamy Ikue Beauty of the Sea Lucia, Sakura, Chiyo, Hanon and Atsuko
Lucia, Hanon, Sakura, Chiyo and Atsuko help out a confectionery shop who is owned by a friend of Maki friend by making sweets when they need help with a order which they soon learning the meaning behind the store and sweets.
37 Sparkle Bakery Proposal Akumu Dreaming Prism The Crystal Mermaid Princesses
The Crystal Mermaid Princess visit a bakery where they meet a man who is having trouble with a proposal to his girlfriend that they try to help.
38 Musicallly Decisions Flavia Beauty of the Sea Lucia, Hanon, Rina and the Crystal Mermaid Princesses
The Mermaid Princesses enters a music contest and each they want to stay together as friends but having trouble with what to do for the contest.
39 Gathering Your Feelings Majo Snow Sakura, Chiyo and Miwako
Sakura, Chiyo and Miwako participate in a flea market with antiques which they soon begin to appreciate each other's efforts for what they do when having trouble of what antiques is best.
40 Making Children Happy Mie Shining Sun Sakura, Eri, Yukari and Chiyo
Sakura, Eri, Chiyo and Yukari go to a preschool to perform a play for which they help two students there become friends with each other.
41 Soccer Teach Akumu Lovely Hearts Atsuko Atsuko gain a Super Idol Form from Dia.
Atsuko is volunteered to teach soccer to elementary school students but is having trouble trying not to be too tough which soon let her to meet Makato there.
42 Fixing Eri Shanshan Dream of Dreams Eri Eri gain a Super Idol Form from Dia.
Eri is helping out tinkering things which she began helping out her classmates with their things but soon come across a item that she can't fix at all.
43 Inspiration Miwako Flavia Double Rainbows Miwako Miwako gain a Super Idol Form from Dia.
Miwako is making new designs for a fashion show for the fashion club but is having trouble to find inspiration.
44 Making Crafts for Children Marmo Eden Chiyo Chiyo gain a Super Idol Form from Dia.
Chiyo is making crafts for some children at an orphanage which have trouble with a particular craft asked by one of the children.
45 Sakura Artisitic Majo Eternity Joy Sakura Sakura gain a Super Idol Form from Dia.
Sakura is making art for an exhibition that she is been invited but when her art got accidentally destroyed she wondered if she should be doing art.
46 Putting My Feeling into it Ikue Tails of Snowflakes Mana Mana gain a Super Idol Form from Dia.
Mana gymnastic team is entering a competition and Mana needs to trained really hard where Kenji who told her to take it easy making her mad at him.
47 Yukari Doubt Akumu Mother Nature Yukari Yukari gain a Super Idol Form from Dia.
Yukari track team in competing in a race but Yukari hurt her ankle and think she lets the team down.
48 Roy Visit Majo Lovely Hearts Atsuko
  • Atsuko older brother, Roy comes of a visit.
  • Karen, Noel and Coco go back to there homes.
As the Mermaid Princesses are heading to Crystal Crescendo, they bumped into a guy that look a lot like Atsuko. Karen, Noel, and Coco fall over heels on him but the guy that they bumped into left. The MP arrived the Crystal Crescendo and found the same guy that they bumped into before. The guy introduced himself as Roy Katsumi which makes Luchia, Hanon, and Rina remember something. Atsuko comes in and tells the MP that she and Roy are siblings. Everyone except CMP and Yuzuki gotten shock. Atsuko reveal Roy is her older brother. Soon Majo came in.
49 Roy Request Shanshan Colorful Rainbow Notes The Crystal Mermaid Princesses, Hanon, Rina and Lucia
  • Roy goes back Terræ Crystalli (Crystal Earth).
  • Rina, Hanon and Lucia visit Terrae Crystalli for the first time and visit Rippling Ruby for the first time.
Roy told Atsuko to go back home with him, but Atsuko refuse to go home. A heated argument rages on until Luchia suggested that Atsuko can go home for a while, which Atsuko sighed in defeat. Rina, Lucia and Hanon wanted to go see what's Atsuko's and Roy's home looks like. After coming back from mother surface Roy decides to respect Atsuko decision and leaves for he but not before meeting Makato get to know him.
50 Memories of the Joy Mie Mother Nature Yukari Yukari younger brother, Yuuto came for a vist and late goes back to Terræ Crystalli (Crystal Earth).
Yuuto comes for a visit which Yukari and Yuuto spend a day together while talking about there memories.
51 Blissful Memories Ena Tails of Snowflakes Mana Mana younger sister, Momoko came for a vist and later goes back to Terræ Crystalli (Crystal Earth).
Momoko come to visit Mana which they spend a day together while talking about there memories before coming to Lucia world.
52 Sibling Reunion Akumu Dream of Dreams Eri Eri siblings come for a vist and late goes back to Terræ Crystalli (Crystal Earth).
Eri siblings comes for a visit and is happy but is surprise that Rune is acting strange and late on comfort him about it which cause Rune to ran off. Atsuko figures out that Rune was lonely without Eri and help both of them apologises to each other.
53 Trap Photos Shanshan Rainbow Peacock Chiyo, Eri and Mana
Chiyo, Eri, and Mana visit photography studio but soon have trouble when Ikue comes in tries to trap everyone in the photos.
54 Mana's Opera Mie Cosmic Paradise Mana
Kenji and Mana are going on a opera show together which they about how similar they are.
55 Dance Showdown Flavia Royal Destiny The Crystal Mermaid Princesses
The Crystal Mermaid princesses enter a dance contest but having trouble what kind of dance and dance routine to do.
56 Teaching comes from the Heart Ikue Rainbows of Seas The Crystal Mermaid Princesses
The Crystal Mermaid Princesses are volunteer to teach singing at a kindergarten which they begin not able to do so.
57 Eric's Theater Shanshan Destiny of Life Miwako
Eric comes for a visit so Miwako and Eric when on a date together a live theater show which they talk about there homes and what's happening.
58 Under the Diamond Sky Ena Fortune Lucia, Chiyo and Yukari
Its sports day at the mermaids princesses school which Chiyo, Sakura, Eri, Yukari and Miwako are not used to do and have trouble doing.
59 Former Idols Flavia Birth of Dream Crystal Mermaid Princesses
The Crystal Mermaid Princesses are going to a TV station for an interview of them being a former idol unit and idols but they have to do in front of a audience which causes Eri to be afraid.
60 Game Love Akumu Dear Summer Atsuko
The Crystal Mermaid princesses help out a arcade which Atsuko discover a young girl who missing her cat and help her find it.
61 Friendship Links Mie Fortune The Princeses
The Princesses visit a Botanical garden but soon run into Mie who separate each mermaid and trap them so she able to stop them when they're are not together.
62 Lost Recipes Shanshan Lucky Hearts Atsuko, Chiyo and Sakura
Atsuko, Chiyo and Sakura help out a Ramen store which they have to help the owner find his missing recipes from his grandfather.
63 The Genius Artists Appears Ikue Winter after Winter The Crystal Mermaid princesses
The Crystal Mermaid princess enters a arts competition which they have to compete with a art genius.
64 Escaping from the Enemy Ena Rainbow Notes The mermaid Princeses The mermaid princesses meet King Thorn
The mermaid Princesses accidentally get teleported to King Thorn home where meet King Thorn who wants the pearls to control both worlds and the mermaids have to escape from there.
65 What Caretaker Should I Be? Shanshan Colorful Rainbow Notes Lucia, Rina, Hanon and the Crystal Mermaid Princesses
Feeling that she is not a good as a caretaker for Crystal Mermaids Princesses, Yuzuki begins to question what an ideal caretaker would actually be like. But got capture by Dark Thorn so that the princesses have to rescue her.
66 Quizzing Akumu Brave Heart The Crystal Mermaid Princesses, Lucia, Hanon and Rina
The Mermaid princesses, the Crystal Mermaid Princesses, Kaito, Nagisa, Masahiko and Nikora go on a quiz.
67 Visiting to Our New Friends Homes Ena Destiny of Life Seira, Karen, Noel, Coco and the Crystal Mermaid Princesses
Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen comes for a visit and decides to visit the Crystal Mermaid Princesses home with each Crystal Mermaid Princesses to there right home.
68 Gleam Visit Part 1 Shanshan Winter after Winter Eri, Seira, Noel, Coco and Karen Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen visit Ascending Amber
Seira, Noel, Karen and Coco go to visit Eri home and meet Eri family where they learn more about Eri from her family.
69 Gleam Visit Part 2 Akumu Brave Heart Miwako, Coco, Noel, Karen and Seira Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen visit Aura Amethyst
Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen got to visit Miwako home and meet Eri family where they learn more about Miwako from her family.
70 Gleam Visit Part 3 Ena Colorful Rainbow Notes Seira, Sakura, Coco, Noel and Karen Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen visit Typhoon Topaz
Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen visit Sakura home and meets one of Sakura and her sister parent which they learn more about Sakura and Chiyo from her parent.
71 Gleam Visit Part 4 Flavia Fortune Seira, Coco, Noel, Karen and Yukari Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen visit Elemental Emerald
Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen go visit Yukari home so they can get to know each other and meet Yukari family which they learn more about Yukari from her family.
72 Gleam Visit Part 5 Shanshan Brave Heart Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen visit Splashing Sapphire
Siera, Coco, Noel and Karen visit Mana home some they can get to know each other and get to know Mana family which they learn more about Mana from her family.
73 Gleam Visit Part 6 Mie Grateful Crescendo Atsuko, Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen visit Rippling Ruby
Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen visit Atsuko home so they can get to know each other and get to know Atsuko family which they learn more about Atsuko from her family.
74 Gleam Visit Part 7 Ikue Rainbow Peacock Chiyo, Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen Seira, Coco, Noel and Karen visit Clear Cobalt
Seira, Coco, Karen and Noel visit Chiyo and meet her and her sister other parents band get to know more about her and sister.
75 We are Connected in Sweets Mie Rainbow of Seas Lucia, Rina, Hanon and the Crystal Mermaid Princesses The mermaids discover from Dia and Aqua Regina that Lucia dimension and Atsuko Dimension were created at the the exact time so that makes them the same with a few difference so The Crystal mermaids are counterparts of the mermaid princesses are in Lucia World.
Lucia, Hanon, Rina and the Crystal Mermaid Princesses are invited to a tea party at Makato house which Atsuko get to know his family and learn more about him.
76 Chocolate Freedom Akumu Cosmic Paradise The Crystal Mermaid Princesses
The Crystal mermaid Princesses visit a chocolate shop to help out which they have trouble at first but soon got the hang of it.
77 Finding Our Treasure Ena Dreaming Prism The Crystal Mermaid Princesses, Lucia, Hanon and Rina
The Princesses go on a school treasure hunt which they have to explore from what they usually know to somewhere different ad they get used to new location from what they know.
78 Who is Akemi owner? Ikue Grateful Cresendo Mana and Hanon
Kenji and Mana do Miniature golf together for one of there dates but they have to help a lost puppy finds it owner.
79 Maze of Hearts Mie Royal Destiny Lucia and Atsuko
Lucia, Hanon, Rina, Yuzuki, Nikora and Atsuko are entered in a maze competition which Lucia and Atsuko have to overcome there differences.
80 Game to Somewhere New Flavia Winter After Winter Rina, Lucia, Hanon, Mana, Atsuko and Chiyo
The Mermaids enter a game show.
81 Atsuko Leadership Akumu Surprise Dreams The Crystal Mermaid Princesses
The mermaid go on a scavenger hunt which cause Atsuko not used to in charge of a complete different group.
82 Picnic of Love Mie Dear Summer Atsuko
Makato and Atsuko are going to go on a picnic together by there friends which cause them to talking about themselves and what they really want even with each other.
83 Pottery Designing Ena Surprise Dreams Mana, Chiyo, Sakura and Miwako
Kenji and Mana go on a pottery making class which Mana starts to have struggles with it while Kenji is able to do it perfectly which she ask Miwako, Chiyo and Sakura help.
84 Joy of River Flavia Rainbow Peacock Atsuko, Sakura, Miwako and Eri
Makato and Atsuko are sent to do canyoning together but later on the they accidentally get themselves and have to find they way home.
85 Picking Out Love Ikue Destiny of Life Mana
Kenji and Mana go on strawberry picking together which Kenji begins to tell about himself to her.
86 Sharing my Support Ikue Colorful Rainbow Notes Mana
Kenji is going to compete in a game show which Mana tried to find a away show her way of to support him.
87 Fire and Ice of Secrets Ena Cosmic Paradise Atsuko, Miwako, Hanon and Chiyo
Makato invited Atsuko to a barbecue but Atsuko is having trouble revealing more about herself without revealing her secrets.
88 Gift from the Heart Akumu Glittering Happiness The Crystal Mermaid Princesses
Kenji is tried to find a gift for Mana but is having trouble to so he ask her friends for help.
89 Finding A Place Mie Dreaming Prism Lucia, Hanon, Eri, Miwako and Rina
The princesses visit a circus which they help a young performers find her place in the circus.
90 Hidden Feelings of Truth Akumu Rainbow Notes Atsuko and Mana
  • Makato and Atsuko kiss
  • Makato and Kenji figure out Atsuko and her friends are mermaid princesses.
Atsuko and her friends where just done for a swim when Makato and Kenji came to them and reveal that they know that they mermaids which Atsuko and Mana to run off and they have to find them.
91 Love Truth Ena Glittering of Happiness Atsuko
Atsuko has now also herself to be in a relationship with Makato which allows herself tell completely everything about her true self.
92 Wisdom and Knowledge Flavia Rainbow Peacock Lucia, Rina, Hanon and the Crystal Mermaid Princesses It reveal that Aqua Regina can never lose her energy once Dark Thorn is Defeated.
The princesses tried to find a way to make Aqua Regina doesn't lose her energy again so they decide to research all end but they seem can't find the right answer.
93 Power of Valour Dark Thorn Link All the Notes The princesses, Dia and Aqua Regina
  • King Thorn is defeated
  • King Thorn is revealed to be created through everyone negative feelings
The princesses head for there final battle with Dark Thorn. The Princesses managed to defeat King Thorn and his followers.
94 Our Future Link All the Notes Dia, Aqua Regina and all the mermaid Princesses Kenji and Mana first kiss

The CMP world is now connected with the MP world forever.

The battle with Dark Thorn is over and Dia made the connection with her world and MP connected forever.