Marmaid Melody: Starry Sky and The Sea
マーメイドメロディー 星空と海
(Mermaid Melody: Hoshizora to Umi)
StudioP.A Works
LicensorMedia Blaster
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunDecember 29th, 2015 - Ongoing
Opening SongSeishun Days
Ending SongSunadokei no Ashioto

Mermaid Melody: Starry Sky and The Sea (マーメイドメロディー 星空と海 Mermaid Melody: Hoshizora to Umi) is fanon anime series, directed by Hikaruaizora. Takes place seven hundred years after Mermaid Melody, it is a spin-off of the series.


Matsuri Sumizuka is just your average highschool girl. One day, she found a shining pearl when she was scallops gathering with her friends on the beach..



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