Mermaid Dreams
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
StudioKiseki ▪ Miracle ▪ Studios
NetworkKiseki ▪ Miracle ▪ Network
Original Run10th January 2017 - ???
Series Info
Opening SongMizu no Hikari
Ending SongYakusoku...

Mermaid Dreams (マーメイドドリムズ Māmeidodorimuzu?) is a fanmade anime created by Chinatsu Kiseki.

Plot Edit

Fujikawa Kyōi is a shy, ordinary 13-year old girl who loves reading about mermaids. However, one day, she finds a small purple pearl on the beach and decides to wear it in a locket. The day after Kyōi found the pearl, she touched water and grew a tail! She then also met Shelly, a small water pixie who tells her that the evil sorceress, Prisma, is attacking the underwater world and Kyōi is one of the 10 to help defend the underwater world!

Characters Edit

Protagonists Edit

Fujikawa Kyōi (藤川驚異 Fujikawa kyōi?) / Violet (バイオレット Baioretto?) (Mermaid) / Amethyst (アメジスト Amejisuto?) (Idol)
The main protagonist of the series. Kyōi is very shy and loves reading books about mermaids. After she found the purple pearl, she can transform into a mermaid called Violet and an idol called Amethyst.

Akabana Hi (赤羽日 Akahana hi?) / Scarlett (スカーレット Sukāretto?) (Mermaid) / Garnet (ガーネット Gānetto?) (Idol)
Hi is a popular singer and musician who has just transferred to Umikaze Academy. After finding the red pearl, she can transform into a mermaid known as Scarlett and an idol known as Garnet.


Mascots Edit

Shelly (シェリー Sherrī?)
The main mascot of the series.Shelly is a small water pixie.

Antagonists Edit

Supporting Edit

Items Edit

  • Rainbow Pearls (レインボーパールズ Reinbōpāruzu?)
    The transformation item that allows the girls to transform into both mermaids and idols. To transform into mermaids, the girls just need to touch water.

Locations Edit

Trivia Edit

Merchandise Edit

Gallery Edit

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