Mermaid Chronicles
('Māmaido Kuronikuru')
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJune 27, 2016
Opening SongSiren Song
Ending SongA Mermaid's Adventures

Mermaid Chronicles is Fairy Chronicles' sequel, created by MikuHatsune145. Its themes are mermaids, friendship and magic.


Season 1Edit

Nila and Sirena are natural mermaids who lives a peaceful life among humans. Their secret is known by themselves only. Kimiko is the new girl in town and she is shy and reserved. A night, she decides to do a tour with her father's electric boat and discovers the Aqua Lapis island. She visited it and slipped into the moon pool and became a mermaid. Having heard about this, the Mermaid Council tasks Nila and Sirena to take Kimiko under their "wings". Kimiko with the help of her new friends, will learn to adapt to her new life.

Season 2Edit

Kimiko was proven worthy of being a mermaid and lives happily with her best friends. A day they were swimming and playing together, Nila, Sirena and Kimiko comes across a lost 11 years old mermaid named Pearl. Her pod abandoned her and Nila decided to introduce her to the human world. Things came to a head when Pearl's best friend, Amethyst, joined them and revealed that their Mermaid Council, banished Pearl. The mermaids in her family's ancestry, betrayed the pod and became evil and thus, the Council feared that she might become like them. Now, the girls must find the pod, convince them that Pearl is inoffensive and take care of two young mermaids.

Season 3Edit

Pearl's pod forgave her and she now lives a peaceful live among humans. Kimiko while she was swimming, found a ring that reacted when she touched it. When she took it with her, a little red haired mermaid appeared and said "princess". The girl followed Kimiko, repeating "princess" again and again and followed her in Nila's house. Much to the surprise of everyone, Ruby (that's her name) took the ring and put it on Kimiko's finger which made the ring glow. Coralia (Nila's mother) recognized the ring and said that it was very ancient and powerful. That the ring is actually an ancient mermaid artefact created to awake an unknown and incredible power possessed by a mermaid. The girls has to find why it is reacting to a once human mermaid.


  • Color: Blue
  • Powers: Hydrokinesis, Hydro-Cryokinesis, Substanciakinesis, Cryokinesis, Speed Swimming, Invisibility,Atmokinesis, Siren Singing, Aerokinesis,Telekinesis.

Nila is at the debut of her second year at the Academy of Mermaids, she loves being with the pod, her passions are singing, swimming and doing necklaces. She's devoted to her studies and work, she loves helping her friends and the only one who can understand her is Sirena, they automatically understand each other. Nila has her moon necklace who is an item that serves as a source of power for mermaids because moon stones are like little manifestations of the moon's powers. When Kimie fell onto the moon pool, Nila was the first to decide that they (Sirena and her) are going to teach Kimie how to use her mermaid powers. She's somewhat of air-headed, shy and quiet but when she's on stage she's another person: her talents for singing have gotten her to be the main singer for the Hibiscus Café. She sings very well altough she is very shy but everyone tells to her that she has a real talent. Her goals are to become a well-known singer and to become a powerful mermaid.

  • Color: Green
  • Powers: Hydrokinesis, Aerokinesis, Hydro-Thermokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Invisibility, Speed Swimming, Atmokinesis, Telekinesis, Substanciakinesis, Zoolingualism.

Sirena is Nila's childhood friend, they love spending time together, she is an experienced mermaid and now how to control her powers, better than Nila, she's a bit jealous of Nila's abilities to sing (because everyone says that she has a marvelous voice). Sirena her, is known for her abilities to perfectly control her powers and is very athletic but she is an elegant and calm person. She's kinda harsh towards Kimiko because of her klutziness and her uncapacity of controlling her powers, but she can be kind and helps her whenever Kimiko or Nila needs help. Sirena is good at magic spells and merpeople potions, she's known for her very good quality and efficacy of her potions. She doesn't sings as well and doesn't do necklaces as beautiful as Nila's but she is good at art, her drawings are very realists and beautiful as described by everyone but mostly her watercolors are described as her best works. She works hard to improve her powers, potions and the most of all, her artistic skills.

  • Color: Pink
  • Powers: Speed Swimming, Hydro-Thermokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Telekinesis, Invisibility, Gelidkinesis, Atmokinesis, Hydrokinesis.

Kimiko was the last to join our little duo, forming a trio of mermaids, she is kinda clumsy and doesn't always pay attention to what she does, resulting in her having problems in the end. Her klutziness have led her to the Aqua Lapis island, she stumbled and fell into the moon pool, the moon reflected on the water and next morning while brushing her teeth, she washed her hands resulting her transforming into a mermaid. The pod, aware of what happened, tasked Nila and Sirena to take her under their wings. Kimiko has difficulty adapting her new life as a mermaid and controlling her newfound powers. Aside of all this, she loves dancing mostly ballet dancing, she dreams of being a famous ballerina dancing at operas. She takes dance lessons since she is 4 years old, she loves it and doesn't want to stop, she also loves playing violin. Kimie tries her best to adapt to her mermaid life with her two friends Nila and Sirena and tries to make the pod accepts her.

New CharactersEdit

  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Powers: Telekinesis, Zoolingualism, Invisibility, Hydrokinesis, Aerokinesis, Hydro-Cryokinesis, Cryokinesis, Atmokinesis, Speed Swimming.

Pearl is a 11 years old mermaid, she is kind, ongoing and very naive. She loves talking and playing with dolphins and spending time, collecting shells and singing with her friend Amethyst. When she was lost, she tought that they tought she was following them when they left. She was found by the trio and decided to take her to their island. Nila learned her to use her moon necklace to transform her tail into legs. She lived with Nila and she learn about the human world with her help, she was registered to their middle school/highschool as a 6th grader. Pearl has difficulty controlling her powers and with her friends' help, she tries to control them and use them. The girls finally found the pod and convinced the Council that she's not harmful and Pearl finally retrieved her parents and they decided to live among humans to be peaceful. She now live with them and often visits Nila, Sirena and Kimiko with Amethyst.

  • Color: Purple
  • Powers: Telekinesis, Zoolingualism, Atmokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Hydro-Thermokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Speed Swimming, Invisibility.

Amethyst is Pearl's bestfriend, she's more outgoing and fizzy than her. She has volatile powers and when she's too excited, water boils or things burn. Amethyst heard everything about the pod's plan to banish Pearl and searched for her. She found her and told her about everything she heard from the Mermaid Council. Nila also welcomed her into her house. She learned to control her powers with the girls' help and due to her powers being volatiles, she had difficulty controlling them. After they met Ruby, Amethyst quickly befriended her and both likes doing jokes, Amethyst often jokes about Ruby's always unsatiated hunger for fish and her quiet personality.

  • Color: Red
  • Powers: Speed Swimming, Hydrokinesis, Hydro-Thermokinesis, Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Telekinesis, Zoolingualism, Invisibility.

Ruby is a cute red-haired mermaid who has the same age as Pearl and Amethyst. She is the one who was watching for the mermaid who will get the Ancient Ring. When she found Kimiko, she followed her all around calling her "princess". She revealed that she is the princess' "companion" and that she has to learn everything from the princess. Ruby is a fish lover and always eats it when she can, Amethyst often jokes about her hunger for fish. Ruby at first was quiet and didn't talked that much except to Kimiko, but after getting to know everyone, she became more friendly. She loves talking and playing with dolphins and swum alone before she met the girls.

New CharactersEdit


  • Moon Necklace - Necklaces made from moon rocks given to mermaids into their second year, meaning that they are ready to complete their studies.
  • Kimiko's Diary - A diary where Kimiko wrote everything that concerns her new mermaid life and friends.


Aqua Lapis

The island where the Southern Pod lives, this is where the Moon Pool is located and there is a hidden cave under it where Nila's mother Coralia teaches the girls. This is where Kimiko fell to the pool and transformed into a mermaid. There is a lot of vegetation and rare species of fishes and dolphins around the oceans around Aqua Lapis.


Where the pod and Kimiko lives, a beautiful island with beautiful and rare species of flowers and fishes, the girls lives in house located near the ocean.


In the spin-off Sea Girls, Nila, Sirena and Kimiko are about to enter college and Pearl, Amethyst and Ruby grew up. They live peacefully with humans. Leila Johnson is an english girl in her twenties who moved to Okinawa and is an aspiring writer passioned by the sea who loves diving, swimming and dolphins. A day she went diving at night, she went diving near to Aqua Lapis Island and entered in the moon pool right when the moon reflected on the water.

At the beach, she was splashed and got a tail. The girls saw her and revealed their identity and their wish to help her.


  • This shares a lot of similarities with the Australian series H2O and Mako Mermaids:
    • Like the girls, they are three.
    • Moon Jewels functions like Mako Mermaids' moon rings.
    • Like in Mako Mermaids, the island have a hidden cave where the girls practices.
    • Like Cleo, Kimiko has a diary where she wrotes about mermaids but she didn't let it sink in the bottom.
    • The moon jewels have the same functions than the Moon Rings in Mako Mermaids.
    • The Café is like Rikki's (formerly JuiceNet Café).
    • Unlike in H2O and Mako Mermaids, their tails differs in color instead of being orange colored.
  • Underwater, the girls have a streak in their color.
  • Mermaids in this series can enter the state of "true mermaid" when their tail's color changes and when they have a streak in their color in their hair.
  • The girls makes the same hand gestures than the girls do in H2O.
  • Its sequel Vampire Chronicles comes after it and its last sequel A Magical Friend is about Faye, Fawn, Nila and Amaya all four meeting.

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