A member of Magic.Com Pretty Cure .  Her online name is DragonGirl1315 and her cure identity is Cure Dragon. 

Meiling Lóngpò
Cure Dragon
Kanji 美鈴Lóngpò
Age 16
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Orange (Meiling Lóngpò)

White (Cure Dragon) Grey (DragonGirl1315)

Eye Color Blue (Meiling Lóngpò)

Red (DragonGirl1315 / Cure Dragon)

Personal Status
Relatives Father

Cousin Step Mother

Occupation High School Student




She is an athletic, strong, and nice but energetic and easily upset 16 year old girl.  She loves classic literature, action-adventure shows, fantasy pop-cuture, old movies, and mythology from around the world. Her favorite movie is Godzilla. Her favorite animal is a tiger.  Her favorite TV show is the Balala the Fairies.  Her favorite book is Journey to the West.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Her theme color is red.  Her powers are fire and water and she is a gun type player as a pretty cure. She shows an excellent ability with a gun in battle.  She acts as the muscle of Magic.Com Pretty Cure when in battle and is very confident in her job as a moderator.







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