Mecha Angel Mayumi
('Meka Enjeru Mayumi')
StudioDavid Production
LicensorFrontier Works
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunAugust 25, 2016
Opening SongMecha L♡ve
Ending SongCyber Angel

Mecha Angel Mayumi (メカエンジェル真由美 Meka Enjeru Mayumi) is a sci-fi, comedy, supernatural anime series created by MikuHatsune145.


It takes place in the year of 2028, in the peaceful city of Incapolis a city whithin the technology is the most advanced in the planet.

But one day, a species of demonic aliens came to invade Incapolis to copy their technology and enslave humans, but with their advanced technology, humans created the divine counterparts of these demons.

Mecha Angels where born, young girls with pure hearts were born, and one of them, is Mayumi Higashi a cute little girl who was chosen to protect her country.


  • Color: Pink

Mayumi is the sweet protagonist of the series, she's kind of a princess as she considers herself a princess and is kind of egotistical. Her protecter (who she mainly calls butler), Drake always has to fulfill her demands who are most of the time impossible tasks (like diamond encrusted roses or cakes with only pink on it and no other color). But when she is in her Mecha Angel form, she's another person: she is serious, devoted to work and trains a lot but still retains her princess personality. She took two years to perfect her magic and after a lot of work created her own magic: the Assault Magic which consist of using close range and mid-range techniques using her weapons and magical attacks and spells. She is a user of the Valkyrie System and uses her faithful guns Brave Heart X, she can transform her guns into twin swords and floating guns. Mayumi is the leader of her own team and befriended everyone very quickly, she is a cheerful and kind leader. Of every person of the teams, she is closer to Emilie and the two understands each other. Mayumi despite her not so serious behaviour is devoted to protect her people.

  • Color: Blue

Emi is Mayumi's best friend and the strategist of the team, Mayumi describes her as the brain of the team because of her vast knowledge for her age and her analyzing abilities. She is described as a yamato nadeshiko because of her strong Kansai dialect, her elegant manners and the fact that she often dresses in kimonos. She always carries her fan with her. Emi at first tought she was weak because of her low level magic (she was at C rank) and the fact that she didn't have a weapon. She tried a lot of weapons (swords, bows, firearms, hammers, spears...) but nothing applied to her. But one day she came accross a little shop which sells hand-made fans and accessories. The shop's owner offered her a hand-made accessory she made right before her eyes and let her take a fan. After a while she was attacked by a demon cybord but she used her fan to attack it and used a Special Attack. The fan was actually a tessen and it becamed her main weapon, she trained a lot using this weapon and succeeded to create her magical system and her own magic and named her device Tsunami. Emi is also a devoted friend and will do anything that is in her power to protect them.

Demonic CyborgsEdit

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