Matsuda Hibiki
松田ヒビキ Matsuda Hibiki
SeasonMahou Shoujo Alumi
Eye ColorBlue
Hair ColorBlue
Home PlaceKiramachi
First AppearanceAct 1: The Birth of a New Warrior!
Japanese Voice ActorNagata Ryoko

Matsuda Hibiki (松田ヒビキ Matsuda Hibiki) is a minor character in Mahou Shoujo Alumi.



An aspiring idol who attends the All Girls' Christian Academy. She is Hikari's best friend and is very concerned about her, even when nothing is wrong. She cares about everybody, though, and considers Hikari as her inspiration. She doesn't have many other friends and often feels too lonely.


She's Matsuda Hibiki, a girl who cares about everyone and aims to become an idol. She's also Hikari's best friend, who happens to play a huge role in her life. On the bad side, she feels very lonely, and doesn't have a lot of friends to make her feel better.



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