Masami Megami Deshi !
('Masami Magami Deshi !')
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunMay 24, 2016
Opening SongHappiness!
Ending SongOtherworldy Girl

Masami Megami Deshi ! ( マサミ女神弟子 Masami Megami Deshi ! lit. Masami Goddess Apprentice !) is a fan serie created by MikuHatsune145. The themes are goddesses, power and friendship. It's a goddess/god, comedy, action anime.


Masami Hanabatake is a smart girl, she is kind and serious and lives a pretty normal life. Until she met a little talking cat (who can also fly and transforms into a little girl). That cat said things to her which made her believe that she started becoming crazy because of the stress she had at school. But the cat followed her and even entered in her house. Then she started staying that Masami needs to know about her powers, control them and learn how to use them. Understanding nothing, she decides to leave her room, but the cat (named Aria) transforms into her little girl form.

She reveals to Masami that she's an apprentice goddess, and that her, is an Animal Goddess who is also a messenger and mentor to Apprentice Goddess. Masami believes none of this, until she revives the flower in her room which died a few days ago. Aria says that if she is ready to learn more about her powers, she just has to shout her name. At the Heavenly Realm, the goddess Mira reveals to Aria that Masami is a powerful Creation Goddess, she can create everything (from life to weapons and even universes) and that she is part of the 12 Goddesses of Creation (her mother being part of it). After knowing this from Aria and her mother, Masami decided to fullfil her goddess' duties and become a Goddess Apprentice.


  • Color: Pale Pink
  • Powers: Life Creation (or Erasure), Nature Manipulation, Hypnosis, Universe Creation, Weapon Creation, Animal Manipulation, Telekinesis, Empathy, Telepathy, Power Granting, Resurrection, Immortality, Elemental Manipulation, Animal Shapeshifting, Teleportation, Earth Manipulation, Healing, Life Thread Creation.

Masami was born from the God Mundus, a god of nature, and the Goddess Mena one of the 12 Goddesses of Creation, thus she has powers of both. After learning from Aria and her mother that she is truly a goddess, she decided to fullfil her duty. Aria teleported her to the Heavenly Realm, mostly to the school for apprentice gods and goddesses. Masami struggled a lot to control her powers (and is still struggling) but she eventually succeeded in manipulating them and with her powers, she created the Thread of Creation and the Scissors of Erasure, with this she could create servants and control them. She can also erase them by cutting their life thread. When she's not in her "goddess mode", she is playful, cheerful, easygoing and friendly. She cares a lot for her friend and can become dangerous if they are injured or mocked. Her two bestfriends, Eone and Ymis are apprentices too and the three formed a close bond and shares a lot of common points together. But she is not as close with them as she is with, Luce a god (no longer an apprentice) who saved her during an attack by demons and other gods (who wishes to have the 12 goddesses undder their control). Despite her stubborness and sometimes sarcastic and easily bored personality, she's willing to fullfil her duty and become a full fledged goddess.


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