The posts below are just fictional. IT was NEVER related to the actual product.'


figma Maria ThompsonEdit

Figma Mami Tomoe is repurposed as Maria Thompson.
  • Series/Number: MM-03
  • Release Date: February 2014
  • Accessories: 10 Interchargable Hands, 3 Pairs of Muskets (with stands), 2 Extra Faceplates, Dessert witch.

The figma of Maria Thompson is released by Good Smile Company & Max Factory. The figure is identical to the original figma Mami Tomoe, but only labelled with a official Magical Molly! sticker on the original package.


Tiro Finale for figma Maria ThompsonEdit

Just kidding.

  • Accessories: Tiro Finale (Type A-C, with stands)

A separate release of Maria's Tiro Finale, in 3 styles. The weapons are complatible for the figma itself (also figma Mami Tomoe)

Magical Girl Set (Tentative title)Edit

  • Release Date: 2014
  • Accessories: 10 Interchargable Hands, 3 Pairs of Muskets (with stands), 5 Extra Faceplates, Dessert witch, Tiro Finale cannon (3 Types), Teacup & Plate, Magic Gem

Available exclusively through Good Smile Company Online, this Maria figma is identical to the normal releases, but contains a few parts from the Mami Tomoe (School Uniform ver) figma. She was bundled with the rest of the 4. This set includes the Tiro Finale Cannon (3 Types).


Magical Girl Figurine CollectionEdit

Maria is released as a Magical Girl Figurine Collection figurines.

  • Series/Number: MGFC - 03
  • Release Date: November 2013

Liquid StoneEdit

Mame-Shiki Maria ThompsonEdit

  • Series/Number: MSM-03
  • Release Date: Unknown
  • Accessories: Interchargable Arms/hands, 3 Faceplates, 3 Pair of Muskets, Tiro Finale Cannon.

A Mame-Shiki figurine of Maria Thompson is released by Liquid Stone. The heads (You know what we mean) & the other parts are compatible to the other upcoming Mame-Shiki Magical Molly! Figurines.


Magical Gear SeriesEdit

Maria Thompson's Musket setEdit

  • Series/Number: MGS - 03
  • Release Date: TBA

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