Mahou Shoujo Brilliant Melody! (魔法少女ブリリアントメロディ!?) is a collab anime created by Chinatsu Kiseki and Japanesenerd247. The series motifs are music and magic.

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Protagonists Edit

Tanaka Haruna (田中春菜?) - One of the two main protagonists, Haruna is a quiet and introverted, musically talented girl who loves to sing and play the piano, however she is too shy to perform in front of others. Despite this, in addition to her shyness, Haruna has a kind heart and believes that people can join together in unity with the power of music. Her alter ego is Serene Harmony, the brilliant melody of kindness and she controls the power of flowers whilst her theme color is pink.

Suzuki Yoshiko (鈴木義子?) - The other protagonist and Haruna's friend. She;s outgoing and tomboyish, trying out every single sport there is, earning her popularity. She also loves to cook and spend time outside. Her alter ego is Miraculous Arabian, the brilliant melody of passion and she controls the power of the stars while her theme color is purple.

Allies Edit

Hoshino (星野?) - A mysterious girl, Hoshino gave Haruna and Yoshiko their respective Forte Charms which allows them to transform into their respective alter egos. Despite this, not much is known about Hoshino.

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