To everyone who is currently viewing this page, hello! This is the author speaking! I have some good...maybe a little First of all, I am not continuing this series, because it's much like my first Pretty Cure series; it's not good enough to become a major series. Besides, the ideas are very unorganized and weak. BUT! On the other hand, I am creating a remake of this both here and Anime Fanon Wiki! So, stay tuned for updates on this page! (click~) See you in the future, I hope.
-Cure Alumi

Mahou Shoujo Alumi
(Mahō Shōjo Arumi)
Mahou Shoujo Alumi logo
Original RunApril 11, 2015 - ongoing
Opening SongYume Have Happiness!
Ending SongC'est la Vie

Magical Grand Finale! (final episode)

Mahou Shoujo Alumi (魔法少女アルミ Mahō Shōjo Arumi, translated to Magical Girl Alumi) is a magical girl series, and the second one created by Cure Alumi. This series focuses on Kita Hikari becoming a magical girl warrior.


On August 23, 2014, Cure Alumi revealed the name of her new magical girl series, and, an hour later, the name of the main protagonist. The plot was then given, with immediate positive feedback, which motivated her to create the page one day later. The official artwork for Hikari was revealed the following Thursday. Throughout September and October, more information, including movies, episodes, and other characters, was given and updated.

In early September, it was announced by Matsuki Miyu, who was notable for Cosprayers, that she would voice Hikari. She stated that she was looking forward to voicing the role of another magical girl, something she did not do often, and was interested in the concept of the series. Later, it was announced that there would be a live-action movie adaption sometime in the future, starring popular actress Honda Tsubasa as Hikari.

On December 12, 2014, it was announced that the series would start airing on April 11 of the following year, which will then air a new episode every Saturday. It was also hinted that a manga adaption would possibly be created based off of the anime.


Kita Hikari is an average 13-year-old 1st year student, and a clumsy one at that. One day when she was running to school, she trips over a commune-like item (Magical Commune). Having no idea what it's for, she tries to find its owner, but with no success. When a spirit (Tamashii) tells her that she is the owner of it and has become a magical girl upon contact, she isn't exactly sure if she's ready...

Afterwards she plays around with it to try and figure out how to use it, but things go strange after turning the dial; she finally transforms! But not into your everyday magical girl...this one is a little robot?! Who knows how things will go for the newly born magical girl Alumi?



Kita Hikari (北ヒカリ Kita Hikari)
The main protagonist of the series. Hikari is a 13-year-old student in her first year of junior high. She's quite clumsy, and is often late to many places. Nevertheless, she's the brightest in many situations and is always willing to help. Once she first transforms into Alumi, she realizes she has a talent when it comes to fighting evil.

Tamashii (魂 Tamashī)
Hikari's ally of the series. At first, Tamashii is nothing but the voice of a spirit, giving advice to Hikari about being a magical girl. She is very wise and always speaks in a calm tone of voice. Her physical form, Shiroten Angel (白天エンジェル Shiroten Enjeru), is that of a 20-year-old and acts as Hikari's babysitter.


Jack (ジャック Jakku)
The first villain to appear. Jack is very hyper, and acts like he is on a sugar rush. He loves telling jokes, but most of the time it gets out of hand. He is the one who always tries his best to get Trump to fight on many occasions, although this ends in failure. He also has a human form called Chokuro Jack (超黒ジャック Chokuro Jakku).

Queen (クイーン Kuīn)
The second villain to appear. Queen is very laid back and will almost never get angry. She despises Jack because of how loud he is, but instead loves King, even going to the point where she loves him more than their master Trump. She also has a human form called Rokutochi Alice (六土地アリス Rokutochi Arisu).

King (キング Kingu)
The third villain to appear. King has a very similar personality to Queen, considering he loves her and vice versa. He despises Trump and wishes she wouldn't become the ultimate ruler. He is more interested about him and Queen instead become ultimate rulers together. He also has a human form called Rokutochi Norio (六土地ノリオ Rokutochi Norio).

Ace (エース Ēsu)
The fourth villain to appear. Ace has a neutral personality, meaning she can be quiet and serious, but sometimes she can be loud and outgoing. She is often focused on her goal, being to help Trump, no matter what situation she is in. She also has a human form called Kirifuda Mitsuru (切り札ミツル Kirifuda Mitsuru).

Reign (レイン Rein)
The fifth villain to appear. Reign has a selfless personality, except he's often like this to the other villains. He can be quite a mysterious man, and often says nothing during a battle. Instead he will likely go straight into battle. This leads to Trump ranking him as the best and most powerful subordinate.

Trump (トランプ Toranpu)
The main villain of the series. Trump has a selfish and boss-like personality and requests her subordinates make her goals of becoming the ultimate ruler of the world and ridding the world of magical girls come true by taking the energy of others. She is a little lazy at times and will fall asleep on occasion.

Other Characters

Araya Koichi (荒耶コウイチ Araya Koichi)
The student council president of the public school and a popular figure around the city. Koichi is a boy with a group of girls that love him. He is well known as the "Girl Getter". Hikari has a crush on him, but he has a crush on Alumi, unaware that it's Hikari.

Kita Rin (北リン Kita Rin) and Kita Hajime (北はじめ Kita Hajime)
Hikari's mother and father. Rin is a strict mother, usually punishing Hikari, thus she likes her father more. Hajime is a fun-loving father who loves to take Hikari wherever she wants to go.

Kita Chiyo (北チヨ Kita Chiyo)
Hikari's baby sister that was born in episode 4. She doesn't cry a lot, but rather makes a variety of noises. She is most excited whenever Hikari plays with her.

Matsuda Hibiki (松田ヒビキ Matsuda Hibiki)
An aspiring idol who attends the All Girls' Christian Academy. She is Hikari's best friend and is very concerned about her, even when nothing is wrong. She cares about everybody, though, and considers Hikari as her inspiration. She doesn't have many other friends and often feels too lonely.

Koizumi Makoto (小泉マコト Koizumi Makoto)
A quiet student who attends the All Girls' Christian Academy. She doesn't have a path she wants to take in life and wishes someone could help her. She has a problem with skirts, so she is allowed to wear pants instead. In episode 6, she realizes she wants to become a fashionista. She is a year 2 student.

Kon Satomi (魂サトミ Kon Satomi)
Another student who attends the All Girls' Christian Academy. She is optimistic and believes there is a good side to every situation. She tries to help whenever possible, but it doesn't work so well. She also has a crush on Koichi, like many other girls, unaware of his true feelings. She is a year 3 student.

Nakagawa Ran (中川ラン Nakagawa Ran)
Another student who attends the All Girls' Christian Academy. She is a peaceful person, and is often seen studying for school. She doesn't want anyone to bother her, and backs off from many people. When she doesn't have to study for anything, she uses the time available to play video games. She is a year 2 student.

Kasai Ichiko (火事イチコ Kasai Ichiko)
Another student who attends All Girls' Christian Academy. It is rumored she has the power of magic, which comes from how she loves to do magic tricks. She almost never speaks, but when she does, she always has a quiet tone of voice. She is one of the strangest students in the school, according to the staff. She is a year 2 student.

Seno Chisato (乳房チサト Seno Chisato)
Another student who attends All Girls' Christian Academy. She is perhaps the wisest person in the school, always filled with advice and words of wisdom. She understands the likes and dislikes of the other students well enough to become friends with them. She is best friends with Toku, and begins to like tokusatsu because of her. She is a year 3 student.

Horiuchi Toku (堀内トク Horiuchi Toku)
Another student who attends the All Girls' Christian Academy. A huge tomboy and tokusatsu fan, she is almost never seen without an action figure from some show. She is not good at making friends, but often turns to her best friend Chisato for advice. She also appears to have a crush on Koichi, although she denies it. She is a year 3 student.

Watanabe Kiyoshi (渡辺キヨシ Watanabe Kiyoshi)
Another student who attends the All Girls' Christian Academy. She is a quiet student, but she does not like to be around anything loud. When she meets new people, she can become much more talkative. She can be very clumsy as well, but this comes to her on accident rather than on purpose. She is a year 1 student.

Hideaki Umeka (秀明ウメカ Hideaki Umeka)
The teacher of the 1st year students at All Girls' Christian Academy.

Sakamoto Maya (坂本マヤ Sakamoto Maya)
The teacher of the 2nd year students at All Girls' Christian Academy.

Kishi Rina (岸リナ Kishi Rina)
The teacher of the 3rd year students at All Girls' Christian Academy.

Kamikawa Usagi (上川ウサギ Kamikawa Usagi)
A rather serene 17 year old who visits Kiramachi for a week. She will listen to anything, and can easily detect when someone is not being honest. She wishes that the world would not contain any evil. It is revealed by Tamashii that she is also a magical girl, much like Hikari. She only appears in episode 21 and transforms into Renae (レネイ Renei) when she is forced to aid Alumi in a battle, but retires afterwards.


Magical Commune (マジカルコミューン Majikaru Komyūn)
An item that doubles as a compartment and a transformation device. Hikari can store any small possessions, like diamonds, the rewards, inside it, and can also transform by turning the dial at the top. When she does so, the commune encases her in light so she can transform, and it returns when she de-transforms.

Miracle Weaponry (ミラクル兵器 Mirakuru Heiki)
The name of the group of items that Alumi can use in battle. Although all of the items have strong abilities, using them overtime will weaken her. The items are:

  • Miracle Bow (ミラクルボー Mirakuru Bō) - An archer-like bow. The weakest of the three, which, with an arrow, strikes the enemy, often paralyzing them temporarily.
  • Miracle Ribbon (ミラクルリボン Mirakuru Ribon) - A ribbon twirler. The next strongest, where the ribbon wraps around the enemy, after being twirled, and traps them.
  • Miracle Wand (ミラクルワンド Mirakuru Wando) - A powerful wand. The strongest of the three, which strikes the enemy with a beam of light that comes from the wand.

Grand Staff (グランドスタッフ Gurando Sutaffu)
A powerful staff that appears near the end of the series.


Kiramachi (妃蘭街 Kiramachi)
The city where the series takes place.

All Girls' Christian Academy (全ての少女クリスチャン学園 Subete no shōjo kurisuchan gakuen)
The private school that Hikari attends. It is so small that classes range from 1st year to 3rd year junior high, with 3 students in each class.

Kamigawa District Academy (神側地区学園 Kamigawa chiku gakuen)
The public school in Kiramachi.


Act 1: The Birth of a New Warrior! (Act 1 新戦士の誕生! Act 1 Shin senshi no tanjō!)
Release Date: April 11, 2015
Hikari has recently started her first year at the All Girls' Christian Academy, but her life takes a turn when she stumbles upon the Magical Commune while on her way to school one day.
Act 2: From a Young Girl's Heart (Act 2 若い少女のハートから Act 2 Wakai shōjo no hāto kara)
Release Date: April 18, 2015
Hikari is ready to tell her friend Hibiki about saving her the other day! But Tamashii warns her about the consequences if a human finds out her secret...
Act 3: A Rumored Ghost Town (Act 3 噂ゴーストタウン Act 3 Uwasa gōsutotaun)
Release Date: April 25, 2015
Hikari and her family go out of town for the fun of it. They soon come across an abandoned town that seems suspicious. Hikari decides to go and investigate this strange place.
Act 4: Big Sister Trouble! (Act 4 姉のトラブル! Act 4 Ane no toraburu!)
Release Date: May 2, 2015
Rin has given birth to baby Chiyo, a new member of the family! But she seems a little interested in the Magical Commune. How will Hikari ever deal with her curious, unaware personality?
Act 5: Something in the Air (Act 5 空気中の何か Act 5 Kūki-chū no nanika)
Release Date: May 9, 2015
At the school, two girls were reported missing after sleeping gas was released into the air by a stranger who had broken in. Can Alumi catch the culprit and save both girls?
Act 6: The Search for Life's Purpose (Act 6 人生の目的を検索 Act 6 Jinsei no mokuteki o kensaku)
Release Date: May 16, 2015
One of the students, Makoto, is in a tough scenario: trying to find the meaning of life. Hikari decides to help her, but Makoto's negative energy makes a good target for the villains.
Act 7: Koichi's Special Someone is...? (Act 7 コウイチの特別な人は。。。? Act 7 Koichi no tokubetsuna hito wa...?)
Release Date: May 23, 2015
A rumor is going around that Koichi has a special someone! All the girls are excited to learn, and Koichi confirms the rumor true. And that special someone he loves is...Alumi.
Act 8: Goodbye to Best Friends? (Act 8 さよなら親友へ? Act 8 Sayonara shin'yū e?)
Release Date: May 30, 2015
Hibiki announces there is a chance she will have to move cities, which means moving schools. She does not want to, though, because she doesn't want to say goodbye to Hikari.
Act 9: A Vow to Help the Students! (Act 9 誓願は学生を助けるために! Act 9 Seigan wa gakusei o tasukeru tame ni!)
Release Date: June 6, 2015
Satomi, one of the year 2 students, wants to try and help students everywhere! But what she doesn't realize is she is helping the villains, who use her positive attitude as an advantage...
Act 10: Fever Dreams of Horror (Act 10 恐怖の発熱の夢 Act 10 Kyōfu no hatsunetsu no yume)
Release Date: June 13, 2015
Hikari is home sick with a fever, and she keeps having nightmares about her identity being revealed. Even worse, Reign wants to use this as an advantage to get the villains to victory!
Act 11: A Special Present for the Family (Act 11 家族のための特別な存在 Act 11 Kazoku no tame no tokubetsuna sonzai)
Release Date: June 20, 2015
Act 12: The Game Against the Rival! (Act 12 ライバルとの試合! Act 12 Raibaru to no shiai!)
Release Date: June 27, 2015
Act 13: And the Best Saved for Last (Act 13 と最高の最後のために保存 Act 13 To saikō no saigo no tame ni hozon)
Release Date: July 4, 2015
Act 14: Music That Touches Our Movements! (Act 14 私たちの運動に触れる音楽! Act 14 Watashitachi no undō ni fureru ongaku!)
Release Date: July 11, 2015
Act 15: A New Student Makes Her Debut! (Act 15 新入生は彼女のデビュー! Act 15 Shin'nyūsei wa kanojo no debyū!)
Release Date: July 18, 2015
Act 16: Lovely Days at the Park (Act 16 公園で素敵な日 Act 16 Kōen de sutekina hi)
Release Date: July 25, 2015
Act 17: Alumi's Popularity Has Risen?! (Act 17 アルミの人気上昇している?! Act 17 Arumi no ninki jōshō shite iru?!)
Release Date: August 1, 2015
Act 18: To Make the Little Ones Happy (Act 18 小さなものを幸せにするために Act 18 Chīsana mono o shiawaseni suru tame ni)
Release Date: August 8, 2015
Act 19: In a World of Pets, It's Hectic (Act 19 ペットの世界では、それは多忙だ Act 19 Petto no sekaide wa, sore wa tabōda)
Release Date: August 15, 2015
Act 20: How Can I Fight When I'm Punished?! (Act 20 どうすれば私が罰さているときに戦うことができる?! Dōsureba watashi ga bassate iru toki ni tatakau koto ga dekiru?!)
Release Date: August 22, 2015
Act 21: The Other Magical Girl: Renae (Act 21 その他の魔法少女 レネイ Act 21 Sonohoka no mahō shōjo: Renei)
Release Date: August 29, 2015
Act 22: In a Great Pinch! (Act 22 グレートピンチで! Act Gurēto pinchi de!)
Release Date: September 5, 2015
Act 23: The Final Battle is About to Begin! (Act 23 最終決戦は始まろうとしている! Act 23 Saishū kessen wa hajimarou to shite iru!)
Release Date: September 12, 2015
Act 24: Onward to the Future for the Magical Girl (Act 24 以降魔法少女のための未来へ Act 24 Ikō mahō shōjo no tame no mirai e)
Release Date: September 19, 2015


Mahou Shoujo Alumi has two movies: one in the middle of the series and another after the series ends.
Movie 1: The Promise from an Angel
Movie 2: Continuing to Fight for Magical Girls Around the World!

A live-action movie is planned for 2017, aiming to air about one year after the second movie. It will star Honda Tsubasa (本田翼 Honda Tsubasa) as Kita Hikari and will be a retelling of the anime.


A soundtrack for the series is planned to be released in late 2015, but the specific date is unknown. Following is the music that will be included.

  1. Visions of Tomorrow (明日のビジョン Ashita no bijon)
  2. Yume Have Happiness (TV Size) (Yume Have Happiness!【TV  Size】)
  3. Ordinary Girl (普通の女の子 Futsū no on'nanoko)
  4. Clumsy Days (不器用な日数 Bukiyōna nissū)
  5. Friends, Fun, and Happiness (友人、楽しい、と幸福 Yūjin, tanoshī, to kōfuku)
  6. Theme of the Evil (悪のテーマ Aku no tēma)
  7. Warning Approaching (近づいて警告 Chikadzuite keikoku)
  8. Transform! (変換! Henkan!)
  9. Alumi's Theme (アルミのテーマ Arumi no tēma)
  10. Heading Into Battle (戦いに見出し Tatakai ni midashi)
  11. Miracle Weaponry (Miracle Bow) (ミラクル兵器【ミラクルボー】 Mirakuru Heiki (Mirakuru Bō))
  12. Miracle Weaponry (Miracle Ribbon) (ミラクル兵器【ミラクルリボン】 Mirakuru Heiki (Mirakuru Ribon))
  13. Miracle Weaponry (Miracle Wand) (ミラクル兵器【ミラクルワンド】 Mirakuru Heiki (Mirakuru Wando))
  14. Bonding Together (一緒に貼り合わせ Issho ni hari-awase)
  15. Renae: The One-Time Magical Girl (レネイ ワンタイム魔法少女 Renei: Wan taimu mahō shōjo)
  16. Stuck in Depression (うつ病で立ち往生 Utsubyō de tachiōjō)
  17. A Promise For the Future (未来への約束 Mirai e no yakusoku)
  18. The Final Showdown (最後の対決 Saigo no taiketsu)
  19. Summoning the Grand Staff (グランドスタッフを召喚 Gurando sutaffu o shōkan)
  20. Reunited (再会 Saikai)
  21. C'est la Vie (TV Size) (セラビ【TV  Size】 Serabi (TV Size))
  22. Magical Grand Finale! (TV Size) (マジカルグランドフィナーレ!【TV  Size】 Majikaru gurando fināre! (TV Size))
  23. Episode Preview (エピソードプレビュー Episōdo purebyū)

Staff and Cast






??? depicts unknown voice actor.

  • Matsuki Miyu as Kita Hikari/Alumi
  • Shindo Kokoro as Tamashii
  • ??? as Jack
  • ??? as Queen
  • ??? as King
  • ??? as Ace
  • ??? as Reign
  • ??? as Trump
  • ??? as Araya Koichi
  • ??? as Kita Rin
  • ??? as Kita Hajime
  • ??? as Kita Chiyo
  • Nagata Ryoko as Matsuda Hibiki
  • ??? as Koizumi Makoto
  • ??? as Kon Satomi
  • ??? as Nakagawa Ran
  • Matsumoto Megumi as Kasai Ichiko
  • ??? as Seno Chisato
  • Matsuoka Yuki as Horiuchi Toku
  • ??? as Watanabe Kiyoshi
  • ??? as Hideaki Umeka
  • ??? as Sakamoto Maya
  • ??? as Kishi Rina
  • ??? as Kamikawa Usagi/Renae


"I really like it!"
-Cure Hibiki

Initially, Mahou Shoujo Alumi received positive critique. Because it had just been released to the public, there was not much in-depth critique given. As of November 28, 2014, the series is one of the most well-known on the Wiki.

"I could totally imagine the anime series"
-clest, deviantART

In December, the series first was mentioned outside of the Wiki in a conversation about both of the authors' series and similarities between the two, which also gained positive reception.


  • It is very similar to another magical girl anime called Tonde Buurin because:
    • Both series feature one 13-year-old girl and one ally
    • Both series have the magical girl concept parodied by the forms (Karin becomes a pig, and Hikari becomes a robot) and neither are happy at first
    • Both series have the magical girl receive rewards, but lose them in some situations (pearls for Karin, and diamonds for Hikari)
    • Both series feature a boy who is in love with the magical girl form, while the girl herself loves the boy
      • Coincidentally, both boys are named Koichi and attract the girls, even though both have a crush on someone already
  • It is also similar to Sweet Valerian, mostly because of the magical girl forms actually looking a little similar.
  • All of the first names (of civilians) in this series are written in katakana for an unknown reason.
  • This is the author's first attempt at doing a series with a solo magical girl.
  • Just like the incident with the author's first series, this shares many similarities with another author's (clest, a deviantART user) fan series (Gear Heart).
  • As confirmed by the author, this series is inspired by Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure, and Tonde Buurin.

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