Mahou Shoujo Suite Nana (魔法少女スイートナナ!Mahō shōjo suītonana!) is the fifth magical girl/anime series created by Japanesenerd247. The story consists of seven ordinary girls who were chosen to become magical girls who are destined to save the world.

Story Edit

Once upon a time, on a magical island where peace an harmony resigned, there lived the beautiful Queen Angelica, who made sure the island (known as Mahou Island) was in peace.......until the Doomsday Quartet arrived and wrecked havoc on the island. Then, stealing all of the positive energy and making it negative energy, they took over the island and banished the young queen to Earth, where no power exists. But, with the queen having a huge amount of intelligence, bought over the six legendary stones and randomly scattered them all over Tajimahara City, in hopes of finding different warriors chosen to defend the Earth and the island from doom.

Characters Edit

Akira Akashi (明石明 Akashi Akira)/ Rubellite Charmcaster (ルベライトチャームキャ Ruberaitochāmukyasutā)

Akira is the main character of the series. Despite being friendly, sweet, smart, and quite stunning, she can be a little lazy, a slight airhead, and can be a little defiant at times. As Rubellite Charmcaster, the warrior of fire and courage, her personality changes into serious and hardworking, yet fun at very few times. Her weapon is the Ruby Wonder Rod (ルビーワンダーロッド Rubīwandāroddo). Her Magica Wonder Weapon is the Cuprite Guitar (カプライトギター Kapuraitogitā).

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