Maho Shojo Tomoe (魔法少女巴 Mahō Shōjo Tomoe) is a magical girl anime by The Windy.


Equiped with a magic key and two foxes as her guide, fifteen year old Hane Tomoe is put in charge of fighting a group of witches bent on taking over the world. The usual.



  • Hane Tomoe
    • Generally, Tomoe is a determined, stubborn, optimistic and kind-hearted girl. She generally gets mad when someone doubts her, but keeps her emotions under control just in case. She is protective of those she cares about, especially to her fox guide Yuki, who she often argues with. She tries to help people the best she can, even if it gets her in trouble. She can turn into the magical girl Tomoe.


  • Yuki
    • Yuki has a rude, stubborn and cynical personality, often arguing with Tomoe. Even so, he cares about her deeply. Over the time, he ended up getting a bit of a tsundere side when it comes to her. He can turn into a human that's around the same age of Tomoe.
  • Hikaru
    • Unlike Yuki, Hikaru treats Tomoe with respect and seems to have fallen in love with her. He is also shown to be caring, outgoing and not afraid to speak his mind. He enjoys annoying Yuki as well. He can turn into a human that's around the same age as Tomoe




  • Silver Key - The real name was never mentioned, so Tomoe eventually started calling it the Silver Key.







Character Song AlbumsEdit


  • The Slver Key is based on both Sailor Pluto's time keys and he key used in Cardcaptor Sakura

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