A cure of Pretty Cure Diamond Hope and member of GEM 

Maho Genseki
Cure Moonstone
Kanji まほ げんせき
Age 15
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Blonde (Maho)

Lavender (Cure Moonstone)

Eye Color Violet (Maho and Cure Moonstone)
Personal Status
Relatives Junko Genseki (Mother)

Fumio Genseki (Father) Haruhi Genseki (Older Sister)

Occupation Middle School Student

Pretty Cure Prism Star



She is a cheerful and good-hearted person who can be an immature, annoying, and childish person but shows great maturity and expert fighting skills in battle.  She always dreamed of being a pretty cure but not a prism star so while she is happy to be a pretty cure she is not happy with being a prism star.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Pretty CureEdit

As Cure Moonstone, Maho has the ability to control energy (fire and lightning).  She most the skilled fighter in her team as she has been taking all kinds of martial arts classes since age 6, she combines her ability to control fire and lightning with her martial arts akills.

Prism StarEdit

As a Prism Star, Maho has the magic of Happiness. She is the least skilled a ice skating on her team a she trained her whole life to be a fighter and not a performer, but she still does her best to perform. She uses her magic of happiness to make people feel happy.




Prism Star CostumesEdit


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