Magnolia Johnson
Age 13
Gender Female
Race Human

Magical Girl

Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Personal Status
Relatives Delphine Johnson (sister)
Occupation Magical Girl
VA (English) Kate Higgins
Magnolia Johnson is a member of The All-Star Magic Girls.


Magnolia is a sweet girl who is very energetic and well-meaning. She is very bright and loves flowers, to the point where she frequently compares them with other things. She also has a talent with fashion.


Magnolia has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her normal outfit consists of a pink shirt with puffed sleeves, and an empire waist with a belt with a golden colored ring fastened to it, along with gray jean shorts, blue socks and pink sneakers.






Foreign NamesEdit

  • Japanese: モクレンジョンソン (Mokuren Jonson)
  • Chinese: 玉兰约翰逊 (Yùlán Yuēhànxùn)
  • Thai: แมกโนเลียจอห์นสัน (Mæk no Leīy Cxh̄̒n s̄ạn)
  • Macedonian: магнолија Џонсон (Magnolija Džonson)
  • Marathi: मॅग्नोलिया जॉन्सन (Mĕgnōliyā Jŏnsana)
  • Hindi: मैगनोलिया जॉनसन (Maiganoliya Jonasan)
  • Korean: 목련 존슨 (Moglyeon Jonseun)
  • Punjabi: ਗੁਲਲਾਲਾ ਜਾਨਸਨ (Gulalālā Jānasana)
  • Mongolian: магнолија Џонсон (Magnolija Džonson)
  • Bengali: একপ্রকার ফুলের গাছ জনসন (Ēkaprakāra Phulēra Gācha Janasana)
  • Telugu: మాగ్నోలియా జాన్సన్ (Māgnōliyā Jānsan)
  • Serbian: магнолија Јохнсон (Magnolija Johnson)
  • Nepali: मैगनोलिया जनसन (Maiganōliyā Janasana)
  • Belarusian: магноліі Джонсан (Mahnolii Džonsan)
  • Arabic: ماغنوليا جونسون (Maghnulia Junsun)



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