Magika Pretty Cure!
(Magika Purikyua!)
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Opening SongAPPEAR! Magika Pretty Cure!
Ending SongMite

Mahō no hikari

Magika Pretty Cure! (マギカプリキュア! Magika Purikyua!) is the beginning of CureKanade's all new Pretty Cure adventure. The series' motifs are magic and friendship.


Kokoda Kurumi is a sixteen year old girl who hates following the rules but has a weakness for protecting those she loves. So when she meets Tsujihara Tomoyo, a girl who was once a Pretty Cure but had lost her powers, Kurumi becomes a Pretty Cure named Cure Sense to defeat the Jaaku that had been attacking Tomoyo. Along with seven other girls and Tomoyo, Kurumi fights all the appearing Jaaku's and tries her best to find the source of the Jaaku's magically appearing out of nowhere.



Kokoda Kurumi (小々田くるみ Kokoda Kurumi)/ Cure Sense (キュアセンス Kyua Sensu)

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