This page consists of characters from the Magical Warriors: Arc en Ciel Guardians Series.

Rainbow Guardians Edit

The Rainbow Guardians (虹ガーディアンズ?) are the main protagonists of the series.

Main article: Akamaru Tsubasa

The main protagonist of the series and the leader of the guardians. Tsubasa is an energetic and outgoing 14-year old who is always willing to put others before her but usually gets told off by her parents and best friend, Zaizen Mai, for her actions. After meeting Akai, Tsubasa can transform into Rouge Heart. the Rainbow Guardian of Hope who uses the power of songs during battle. Her theme color is red.

Main article: Zaizen Mai

Tsubasa's childhood and best friend, Mai is a very wealthy girl who is very caring and worries about Tsubasa lots. Mai can also be quite strict when Tsubasa puts others before her (Tsubasa) and Mai often tells Tsubasa off due to this. After meeting Aoi, Mai can transform into Azure Beauty. the Rainbow Guardian of Dreams who uses the power of starlight during battle. Her theme color is blue.

Main article: Hoshizora Hime

A girl in Tsubasa and Mai's class, Hime is a very famous model and fashion designer who even has her own brand, Princess Goddess. Hime is often seen drawing dress and outfit designs for her brand. After meeting Ki, Hime can transform into Amarillo Star, the Rainbow Guardian of Wishes who uses the power of light during battle. Her theme color is yellow.

Main article: Aimura Akari

A fun-loving girl who is full of love, Akari is an angelic 13-year old who is said to have a heart of gold. She also has an online alias of the name Aira-chan (姶良ちゃん?). After meeting Awabeni, Akari can transform into Rose Glitter, the Rainbow Guardian of Love who uses the power of wind during battle. Her theme color is pink.

Main article: Yumekawa Mirai

Rather cold and distant, Mirai is the veteran Rainbow Guardian of the team and originates from Soramiya. After her homeland was attacked by Nuit and her forces, Mirai became determined to save her home and met Murasaki who gave her the power to transform into Violetta Sky, the Rainbow Guardian of Courage who uses the power of ice during battle. Her theme color is purple.

Main article: Fujiki Seika

Extremely timid and shy, Seika is often bullied by other students and has barely any friends. However, she is very kind and a talented artist, often seen helping Hime with her designs or drawing in her sketchbooks. As well as this, Seika is quite emotional. After meeting Midori, Seika can transform into Lime Emotion, the Rainbow Guardian of Feelings who uses the power of nature during battles. Her theme color is green.

Soramiya Edit

Main article: Princess Spectrum

The princess and ruler of Soramiya. When Nuit attacked, Spectrum sacrificed her life to protect the citizens of the country. It is now said that her spirit has been reincarnated on Earth.

Main article: Akai

Tsubasa's fairy partner and the main mascot of the series. Akai is a free-spirited and curious fairy who loves to hear Tsubasa sing. She ends her sentences with "-aka" and her human alias is called Asano Scarlett (浅野スカーレット?).

Main article: Aoi

Mai's fairy partner. Unlike her partner, Aoi is rather tomboyish and rude however, she cares about Mai but the two do often argue. She ends her sentences with "-ao" and her human alias is called Aokawa Marina (青川マリーナ?).

Main article: Ki

Hime's fairy partner. Ki is quite mischevious and often pulls pranks on the girls or other fairies. She ends her sentences with "-ki" and her human alias is called Kimura Amber (黄村アンバー?).


Antagonists Edit

Main article: Nuit

The main antagonist of the first series. Despite being only 10 years old, Nuit is very powerful in magic and is very sadistic. Her theme color is midnight blue.

Supporting Edit

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