Kibō no akai uta! Watashi wa Rūjuhāto!
Magical Warriors: Arc en Ciel Guardians episode 01
"The Red Songs of Hope! I am Rouge Heart!"
Air date 15-03-2018
Episode Guide
Opening Rainbow Dreams
Ending Egao no Sora to Inochi
Directed by Chinatsu Kiseki
Written by Chinatsu Kiseki

Kibō no akai uta! Watashi wa rūjuhāto! (希望の赤い歌!私はルージュハートです!?) is the 1st episode of Magical Warriors: Arc en Ciel Guardians. This episode focuses on Akamaru Tsubasa transforming into Rouge Heart for the first time.

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The episode begins with Akamaru Tsubasa waking up after a strange dream. Tsubasa then realizes the time and rushes to get ready for school. She then falls down the stairs as she runs down them. After she gets up, she goes and quickly makes some toast whilst grabbing her school bag, putting her shoes on and running to school as she introduces herself. After introducing herself, the opening song then plays. After the opening plays, Tsubasa is seen meeting up with Mai and Tsubasa starts to tell Mai about the dream she had. Mai then tells her that it’s probably her imagination and tells her to forget about it, however Tsubasa can’t forget about it and, throughout the day, gets told off by the teachers for daydreaming.

After school finishes, Tsubasa sees a girl fall and goes to help her up only to see that the girl has grazed her knee. Tsubasa then helps her to the school nurse. The girl then shyly thanks Tsubasa and just after Tsubasa leaves the nurse's office, Tsubasa comes face to face with Mai who starts to tell her off as Tsubasa says that she was doing the right thing. The two girls then hear a scream and the source crashes into Tsubasa face, causing her to fall on the floor.


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