Magical Warrior: Purin Girl is a magical girl anime series created by Haruna. The themes of the series are desserts, mainly pudding/purin with sub-themes of emotions and colors.




Yamabuki Purin (山吹プリン) - Main character of the series. A charismatic and sanguine, 14 year-old. A girl of sweet-related knowledge, as she knows her desserts which overtime granted her the name, "Professor Purin" which she loves so much, sometimes has her friends refer to her by that whenever or wherever they has a dessert-related question. Her alter ego is Magical Purin Girl, the warrior of Happiness who uses the power of light. Her theme color is yellow.

Chikuma Kotoha (千曲ことは) - Purin's childhood friend. A gentle and warm-hearted girl who enjoys helping others, even going to lengths as to travel three towns over to visit her grandmother, Shino is Misaka. Kotoha enjoys writing songs, especially about her friends, mainly Purin though. She also has a pet akita dog named Peko-Inu. Her alter ego is Magical Parfait Girl, the warrior of Hope who uses both ice and water. Her theme color is blue.

Sakurahokou Tune (桜方向チューン) - A famous idol known by her stage name, Macaron (マカロン). Serious and aloof, Tune is a no-nonsense girl who absolutely hates laziness, people who don't listen to her and people who don't go through with things thay say, in addition to being lied to. Tune often refers to others by their surnames as she feels like it is more formal. She has been talented her entire life, with her best being her above fabulous singing voice, and is still searching for new achievements. Her magical girl alter ego is Magical Macaron Girl, the warrior of Beauty who uses the power of wind. Her theme color is pink.






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