Magical Songs and Transformations! My First Big Adventure! is the first episode of The New Adventures Of Cinderella! Princess Glass Crystal!


Once upon a time, long ago, there lived a beautiful and kind girl named Cinderella.  Her mother died when she was very young, so her father married again.  But he died a few years later, his second wife and her own younger daughter took over the house.  They pushed Cinderella out of her room and into the attic and treated her like a maid.  

The mean step mother’s older daughter Anna was a beautiful and good hearted young women who cared deeply for Cinderella and treated her like a little sister.  One night she was forced by her mother and younger sister to go to a ball without Cinderella.  Cinderella was very sad and upset by this.A beautiful fairy dressed in pink appears in front of the young 18 year old girl.

The fairy says that she is Cinderella’s fairy god mother and is here to help her get to the ball.  She turns a pumpkin into a carriage and some mice into horses.  She also gives her a beautiful gown and glass slippers to wear to the ball.  Before she leaves for the ball the fairy tells her that the magic only lasts until midnight.At the ball Cinderella meets they and they fall in love.  Over the next six months, with help from her fairy god mother, she meets with the prince for outings and balls.

Then one night at ball, as she rushes home before the clock strikes midnight, she accidently loses her glass slipper.  The prince finds it and uses it to search for her the next day.  Eventually he comes to her house and finds her.  They got married and lived happily ever after in Fairytale Land.  But then Evil End attacked and she was lost.  

But Cinderella had been a very special person, she had a magical voice that could make people happy when she sang a song.  But when she was killed, that song was lost forever, never to be heard again.  If only that song could be heard again, the world would be a much happier place.

It is Saturday July 2nd 2011.  Diana Opal Rose is watching Pokémon season 1 in her bedroom.  She is a cute and sweet but kind of annoying and funny 9½ year old girl.  She has short light blonde hair and aqua blue eyes.  She lives a great life with her family in a big house in Bell Lair, LA California.  Her father is a director and her stepmother is the CEO of a huge company.

She is wearing a purple frilly dress with a yellow bow and a violet ribbon in her hair.  She decides to go do some shopping with her 17 year old step sister Aiko to the mall.  Aiko is a kind and beautiful girl who likes to call her Tenshiko, she is also a well known model and genius.  Diana puts on her lilac sandals and grabs her pink purse before leaving the house.  She gets into the back seat of Aiko’s pink and white car and they head off to the mall.At the mall, they first head to the book store.  

Aiko buys the second volume of Full Moon, and gets Diana a Cinderella story book with art by Mary Blair.  They next head to the toy store.  Aiko tells Diana, “Tenshiko, you go choose out a toy and I will buy for you, ok”.  Diana replies to her, “Ok Aiko-Chan, thank you”.

As Diana looks around the toy store, she sees a Disney Cinderella doll but it is on the top shelf.  She decides to climb up and get the doll.  But she loses her grip when she tries to grab the doll on the top shelf and starts falling with the doll in her hands.  Luckily Aiko sees her and catches her before she gets seriously hurt.Aiko asks her, “Are you ok Tenshiko?”  Diana tells her, “Yes I am Aiko-Chan”.  Aiko says, “Now please don’t try anything like that ever again. You really scared me Tenshiko”.  “Ok Aiko-Chan and I’m sorry” says Diana.  Aiko then says, “Ok, good. Now let’s do some more shopping Tenshiko”.  Diana replies, “ok Aiko-Chan”.

They decide to next go to the video store, there they decide to choose out movies for each other that they would both like to watch.  Diana decided to look around the anime section to choose out a movie for Aiko.  And Aiko decided to look around the kid’s movie section which is right next to the anime section.As Diana looks around at the anime show and movies, she does not notice that someone is sneaking up behind her.  As she is about to be grabbed by the stranger, Aiko notices and jumps over the stack of videos.  She grabs Diana’s hand and says, “Follow me and run as fast as you can”.  

They start running, Diana asks, “Why are we running?”  Aiko tells her, “Because we are being chased”.  “Who’s chasing us?” asks Diana.  Aiko tells her, “Stop asking questions and runs fast as you can”.  Diana says, “Ok Aiko-Chan”.  They run into an alley behind the mall where they are safe for now.  Diana asks, “Now tell me who was chasing us? And why were we being chased in the first place?”  Aiko tells her, “It was Evil End. And they were after you”.  

Aiko then asks, “What is Evil End? And why are they after?”Aiko then tells her, “Evil End is an evil organization made up of the mean and selfish people from fairytales. And they are after the good and kind people in fairy tales”.  Diana then asks her, “That still doesn’t explain why they are after me”.  Aiko tells her, “Well it would be really hard to explain everything”.Just then the bad guy from earlier bursts through a door and points a gun at Diana, as she is about to shoot her, Aiko grabs her and picks her up in her into her arms.  She jumps up into the air and transforms into a fairy guardian. 

Aiko in now wearing a pink dress with frilly short skirt, puff sleeves and a white ribbon in the front, she is also wearing knee high pink boots and elbow length gloves with a white head band in her hair.  Her dirty blonde hair has turned hot pink and her hazel eyes have turned magenta with a pair of pink and white butterfly wings coming out of her back.

Diana is both shocked and surprised Aiko’s transformation, Aiko lands atop a TV studio and turns back to normal.  Diana says, “Aiko-Chan, you are so cool. You can turn yourself into a fairy”.  Aiko then says, “Thanks for the compliment.  Now I have something to give to you”.  She puts a gold necklace with diamonds, opals, and sapphires around Diana’s neck.  She then snaps her fingers to turn Diana into a 16 year old girl.

Diana is now wearing a blue dress that has off the shoulder sleeves and frilly knee length skirt with a violet back and chest bow.  She is also wearing diamond slippers, blue arm warmers, silver heart earrings, and a crystal tiara in her hair.  Her hair has turned sky blue and is up in a long pony tail, and her eyes have violet.She says, “Wow! I’m really 16 right now.

Thank you Aiko-Chan”.  Aiko says, “Your welcome Tenshiko”.  A TV producer name Mindy comes through the doors and sees them.  Mindy says, “There you are Ms. Aiko.  You are supposed to appear on TV right now”.   Aiko then says, “Sorry I can’t sing today because my throat is really soar today. But my friend here is a much better singer then me”.  “Ok whatever you Ms. Aiko” says Mindy.   Diana then says, “Wow I am going to be on TV. This days just gets better and better”.Mindy grabs Diana’s hand and brings her on stage in front of TV cameras in front of a huge audience.  

Diana then introduces herself, “Cinderella is a fairy tale love by everyone around the world! I am the beautiful and fabulous one with one of the greatest voices ever heard! I am Princess Glass Crystal”. She starts dancing to the music beautifully, and she starts singing the song, which is A Maiden's Policy from the sailor moon anime.  She sings:

“No matter what times of trouble there are, don't give up!

That's right, that's the sweet maiden's policy.

For the sake of that special person you'll one day meet,

Raise your head and leap forward. 

That pain in the depths of your heart,

Is the awakening of love There's nothing to be afraid of!

It's better to be a excited!

You've got such big dreams!

That's why you'll give it your all.

Far more greater things are lying ahead for you,

Surely they will be a wonderful chance for you to flap your wings

Everyone is most beautiful when they're giving it their all,

So believe in yourself and go forward. 

That dormant power within you,

Will someday burst forth 

You can be what you want to be!

Those who are persistent are the best!

Sometimes there'll be tears!

But you'll give it your all. 

There's nothing to be afraid of!

It's better to be a excited!

You've got such big dreams!

That's why you'll give it your all.” 

When she finishes singing, the crowd cheers with happiness and excitement, Diana has great feeling that something amazing and wonderful has just begun and she knows that she is ready for all the adventures that await her. 


  • Diana Opal Rose / Princess Glass Crystal
  • Aiko / Fairy Knight
  • The Mysterious Person from Evil End


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