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Magical Molly! The Complete Score from the TV SeriesEdit

The Score of the series is released by SME Records The music is composed by the collaboration of Yuki Kajiura & 4Kids Entertainment. The tracks in this CD include: Bold text is Extra tracks.

  1. Main theme of Magical Molly!
  2. Molly's Theme
  3. Happiness
  4. The Mysterious girl (Hilda's theme)
  5. Everyday Life
  6. Maria's theme
  7. Theme of the Nightmare
  8. Battle Theme
  9. The swords-wielding Magical Girl (Sabrina's theme)
  10. Kacey's Theme
  11. The fight against witches
  12. The Mermaid Knight Witch
  13. Prologue for the past
  14. Final Battle
  15. The Princess of the Magical World
  16. Molly's departure
  17. You are not alone
  18. Connect (English ver, TV Intro theme)
  19. Luminous (Karaoke ver. TV Outro Theme)
  20. Episode Preview

Theme Songs from the TV Series featuring Colorful by ClariSEdit

The single includes the theme songs of the dub, along with ClariS' latest song, Colorful, which is the opening of the Japanese Dub. The tracks in this CD include: Bold text is Extra tracks.

  1. Connect (English Version)
  2. Luminous (Short Instrumental Ver.)
  3. Connect (English Version (TV Size)
  4. Colorful (Full Version)
  5. Colorful (TV Size)
  6. Connect (Orchestral Version)

Sadly this soundtrack's release is canceled.

Magical Molly! THE MOVIE Original SoundtrackEdit

NOTE: This article is still updating.

The movie's soundtrack is composed by ZIZZ STUDIO instead of Yuki Kajiura. The soundtrack was released before the film's premiere. At least one of the BGMs is reworked by Kajiura herself. ClariS' Harura is featured in this soundtrack.

  1. Prelude - Raven VS Jinna
  2. A Morning scene
  3. Harura by ClariS (Movie Size)
  4. Molly's theme (Movie version)
  5. Hilda's theme (Movie version)
  6. After School
  7. Watch out! Amy!
  8. Raven & Molly
  9. Jinna Asumi
  10. Something strange about this girl
  11. The fight between Magical Girls
  12. The mysterious cloaked ally
  13. Raven VS Jinna - Round 2
  14. The White Witch
  15. Confrontation
  16. Jinna joins the team (for now)
  17. Final Battle
  18. Victory of the Magical Girls
  19. Raven
  20. Bonus Track: ???


  • Raven & Molly is based on Hideyuki Fukusawa's "ENERGY BGM arrange ver".

Magical Molly! II soundtrackEdit


  • Suzune, the Magical Girl Assassin ~銀髪の剣士~ (remixed version of Call to darkness)
  • Duel of the Magical girls: Part 1 ~鈴音VSヒルダ~ (remixed version of Numquam vincar)
  • You're weak. ~ユーリVSヒルダ~ (reworked version of terror adhaerens & I was waiting for this moment)
  • You're my best friend ~ヒルダ·アダムスの死~ (a reworked/extended version of take your hands)
  • Duel of the Magical girls: Part 2
  • It's Never Over ~エピローグ~ (Reworked version of Dream or Reality from MM:TBP)


  • Kajiura returns as a composer of this movie.

Magical Molly! THE ANIMATION Original SoundtrackEdit

The soundtrack was announced by Magica Quartlet. The CD includes new music from the series.

The only leaked titles are:

  • Molly's theme ~穏やかなの魔法少女~ (Remixed version of Sagitta Luminis & Never Leave You Alone, split into 2 parts)
  • The Paradise of the First Magical Girl ~モリー·ザ·ファースト~ (Remixed version of Pergo Pugnare & He Is...)


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