Magical Maiden! Go!
('Maho no otome! Ikimasu!')
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunFebruary 12, 2016
Opening SongDoki Doki☆Heart Beat!
Ending SongLovely♡Suteki!


Mikan is a girl who loves flowers, honey, being with her friends and music when one day she discovers that she possesses powers. She tries to hide them but when she telekinetically moves a glass of water, her bestfriend Mina is the only one who knows about Mikan's powers and Mina discovered the powers of Crystallokinesis. Mikan is an angel and Mina is a Crystal Witch, Mikan helps people who asks for her help and Mina trains on her powers, they both fight to stop the users of dark magic who wants control over the users of white arts. When they were helping someone who asked for it, a strange girl appeared in front of them, she claims to be a Guardian. She also helps both the human and non-human people, she's a guardian of the Maiden Heart, the guardians are young girls chosen to have special powers and are send to Earth to stop the Dark Eye a collective of dark magicians. Mikan, Mina and their new friend Chie are there to stop them and are willing to help people.



  • Color: Amber

Mikan is a cute, kind and smiling girl, she likes helping peope and is willing to fully responds of her angel responsabilities. She trains to use carefully her powers and also wants to help people, at first she was afraid of her telekinetic and combustion power and also had difficulty flying with her large wings. But the Angels learned her how to carefully use her powers and to not be afraid of herself, after she was able to gain control over her powers, she could telekinetically make an object flying without difficulty. Mikan is very feminine, caring and love flowers and mostly the daisy, all of her dresses are composed of flower prints, yellow-ish colors and lace making her somewhat lady like. She's calm, soft-spoken and love things like piano, flower arranging (ikebana), tea parties and wearing cute dresses, she's called by her friends A True Flower-Printed Lady because of her love for flower prints. She also holds a cute bag with some flower on it, she can transform and can fully uses all of her powers using the Angel's Heart, a heart shaped winged necklace that she uses as a transformation device. She also proved to be a powerful user of astral projection, while she is in astral projection, she can fly with her angel wings and can use her powers. It was stated that when a user human or not uses astral projection, they can't use their powers as beginners, Mina and Chie were impressed but the girls capable of using astral projection (trough a spell used by Mina) were also capable of that. Mikan is a lovey-dovey girl and loves helping people and takes her angel responsabilities seriously.

  • Color: Red

Mina is the bestfriend of Mikan, they share lots of common point mostly in personality: they're both soft-spoken, feminine, calm and serious. When Mina saw Mikan's telekinetic powers, she was surprised and when Mina crystallized an enemy charging at her, she was even more surprised. Her mother explained her that she comes from a special species of witches known as the Crystal Witches, and that she possesses powers over the crystals. She also gained some personal powers such as Cryokinesis and can manifests wings made of crystals and possesses the basic abilities of a witch. She was skeptical about Chie's role as a guardian as she possesses an akward and somewhat klutzy behavior, but Mikan's angel intuition convinced her to team up with her. Mina love the rose, that's a flower present in almost all her dresses, her dresses are mostly red, white, black and royal blue, her parents are aristocratic and are high members of society. She's extremely elegant and likes tea and sewing, she likes creating clothes and show it to her friends. She was the one who pushed Ichiro to confess to Mikan, as they were both too shy to confess to each other. She's an helpful friend and a powerful witch, her transformation device is the Ruby Tear given by her mother.

  • Color: Purple

Chie is a guardian of the Maiden Heart the source of every guardians' powers. Chie explained to Mikan and Mina that Guardians are young girl chosen at their birth to protect the heart from the dark magicians, they possesses powers over water and can use magic with water. She possesses guardian weapons and a sword named after a powerful water god and is powerful at using water magic. She has a klutzy and akward personality, she can be seen as a very clumsy girl but is a very powerful Guardian. She somewhat admires Mikan but was wary about Mina but when a dark magician attacked her, Mina saved her and they becamed friends all three. Chie is in admiration with Ichiro, Mikan and Mina's bestfriend, she saw that Ichiro is deeply in love with Mikan when she asked him if there is someone he always loved. After she teamed up with the girls and Ichiro, she decided to be a powerful and serious guardian, she tries to be not clumsy anymore but has difficulty doing it, resulting in when she do a mistakes she ends laughing with her new friends.

  • Color: Blue

Ichiro is the bestfriend of Mikan and Mina and Mikan's lover, he knows that Mikan, Mina and Chie possesses powers but when he saw that his blood can be flammable he noticed that he in fact also possesses powers. The Heavens said to Mikan that Ichiro is the descandant of the Archangel Michael, he can manipulate blue, liquid and holy fire and his flammable blood is a rare power. He named his sacred weapons with the name of the seven archangels after he knew that he was one, he trained hard on using his powers and the girls noticed how powerful he is. He is a sweet, kind and protective guy and a powerful archangel, he helps Mikan to use her powers perfectly. He likes playing piano, swimming and his hobby is singing, he is a good singer and is also very good at songwriting.


  • Color: Dark green

Bella Donna is a dark witch, she is willing to have the wolrd under her control and is the leader of the evil organization Chrysanthemum. Her civilian name is Kiku (wich means chrysanthemum) and takes the form of a beautiful woman in her twenties. She first appeared before Mikan and Mina as Kiku and was talking about the flower language. Mikan wasn't distrustful of her at first but when she saw Kiku transforming into Bella Donna, she with Mina, Chie and Ichiro were decided to stop her and her evil organization. Bella Donna has a special connection with nature and flowers and can mutate them into monsters, she is also willing to make Earth being under the reign of nature.


Tsubaki High School

The school of Mikan, Mina, Ichiro and later Chie, it is located in Kagoshima and is full of activities: ballet, cooking, flower arranging, sports etc. There is dormitories, a school restaurant and a big sport stadium.


The town were everyone lives, this is were their school is located, Mikan loves the local specialities and that's the native town of Mikan and Mina.


This is were the Angels lives, from the heavens they gave gifts and powers to future angels, angels and archangels and other magical beings (like when Mina received her Sapphire Drop along with Mikan altough being a witch). They look over angels and assigns the archangels to look over their angels.


  • Angel's Heart: The transformation device of Mikan to transform into an angel.
  • Ruby Tear: The transformation device of Mina to transform into a crystal witch.
  • Guardian Shell: The transformation device of Chie to transform into a Guardian.
  • Heartful Sticks: The magic sticks used by the girls to do their group attacks.
  • Angelic Stones: Gifts cteated by the Angels of heaven given to angelic beings (except Mina being a witch), it enhance powers and give the user special powers.
  • Angelic Pacts: Pacts used by the girls to transform with their angelic stones.


  • Only the attacks are in 3D.
  • When the girls uses the powers of the stone they get colored streaks in their hair with the matching color of the stone.
  • Ichiro is the only one to have sacred weapons.
  • Guardians are only girls, they possesses water-shaped like heart sign at their birth.
  • Ichiro is the only boy of the protagonists.
  • Mina and her brothers are the only ones to not be angelic beings.
  • Chie already had her first Angelic Stone before getting the others with Mikan and Mina.
  • All the characters have wings.
  • Everyone practice magic and possess twelve techniques that they use with their elemental magic.
  • Three girls and two boys are part of chrysanthemum, making a majority of girls in the series.
  • Orbing is a Charmed original power.
    • Mikan's powers was inspired by Whitelighters.

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