Magical Girl Okiyama Yuki (魔法少女沖山ユキ Mahō shōjo Okiyama Yuki) is the seventh anime series created by Japanesenerd247. This series is kinda based on Japan-chan's life, but with a twist.

Story Edit

Life isn't exactly well with Yuki Okiyama. When she was three years old, her mother and father separated. Now, at 13 years old, life is strange and peculiar. One day, when she went to the movies with her father's friend and her sister, Tsuki, she wishes that she could summon any power to fix her parents' relationship and with other people who are constantly in trouble. Then, suddenly, she was chasing a butterfly that caught her eye when she was one her way to school. She then fell through a portal, which led to a magical world. She was then recruited by a dragon 17 year-old boy named Takuma, an 14 year-old fox girl named Roxanne, and a 17 year-old cat girl named Allie. She was then blessed with all of the kinds of magic: water, fire, animal, light, dark, every single one. Unfortunately, the evil King Doctor, the king of witchcraft, wants to make Yuki his minion to take over the Earth. Now, it's up to Yuki to defend both worlds using her newfound powers.

Characters Edit

Yuki Okiyama (沖山由紀 Okiyama Yuki)

Voiced by: Aoi Yuuki (Japanese), Luci Christian (English)

Yuki is the main protagonist of the series. Yuki is smart, outgoing, shy (at some times), and emotional. Yuki is passionate in school, but she is very lazy and prefers to do nothing. She has a crush on Takuma, and Roxanne is deeply in love with Yuki, for she always tries to seduce Yuki. She was bestowed with every single kind of magic, and she is also bestowed with the Rainbow Magic Bracelet and the Magia Mix Sceptre. She can also transform into her alter ego, Magical Girl Okiyama Yuki. She is also in a duo with Takuma as the lead singer.

Allies Edit

Takuma (琢磨 Takuma)

Voiced by: Nobunaga Shimazaki (Japanese), Jason Bateman (English)

Takuma is a dragon-like 17 year-old boy who is an expert in fire magic. Despite his dragon features, he is actually a nice guy. That is, until you anger him. Once you anger him, he starts to rampage and go all over the place. Luckily, using water magic will calm him down. He is actually a 13 year-old boy, but a wish to change his appearance so people would not make fun of him made him what he is. He seems to be sort of like the "big brother" of the girls, especially Roxanne. Yuki also has a crush on him. He also ends most his sentences with "~rawr" or "~grr". He is also in a duo with Yuki as the guitarist.

Roxanne (ロクサーヌ Rokusānu)

Voiced by: Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese), Meghan Fox (English)

Roxanne is a fox-like girl who is an expert in love magic. Don't be fooled by Roxanne's dominatrix appearance, because she'll try to seduce anyone she has her eyes on. She tries time and time again to seduce Yuki with her magic, but is unsuccessful. Somehow, with her unsuccessful attempts, she never gets mad or angry. She also doesn't get along with Allie, with whom she is jealous. She ends most of her sentences with "~yo".

Allie (アリー Arī)

Voiced by: Asami Imai (Japanese), Sabrina Carpenter (English)

Allie is a shy and nervous cat-like girl who is an expert in earth magic. She is also super intelligent and has a believed IQ of 300. When angered, she can trap anyone in her thorny vines. She has a perfect relationship with Yuki, Takuma, and her pet mantis, Yaya, but not with Roxanne. She ends most of her sentences with "~nya". Also, when she is embarrassed or anxious, she has the ability to make herself look seductive and a warrior cat-like person.

  • Olive (オリーブ OrībuVoiced by: Nabatame Hitomi (Japanese) Stephanie Sheh (English) - Olive is a cold and quiet rooster-like girl who gets along well with Allie. She loves birdseed and is almost always seen eating or it, but if not toast or sunflower seeds. She is a weilder of air magic and loves to fly, even though her animal counterpart is physically unable to. She absolutly hates it whenever around Roxanne. She ends her sentences with "~piyo".
  • Pali and Poli (ポリ・パリ Pari・ Pori) - A pair of quiet andd shy fraternal twin sisters, who live in a large 12-star mansion alone with their grandmother, aunt and uncle, and older sister. Poli is the youger, more shy twin while Pali is the older, more adventurous and outgoing twin. When they transform, they become Magic Purple (マジックパープル) and Magic Indigo (マジックインディゴ), who control dark and ice magic. In those forms, they become aloof and heartless, even fighting their own temmates just to win. They can fly and have incredible, superhuman speed and agility.
  • Jackie Smiles (ジャッキースマイルズ Jakkī Sumairuzu) Voiced by: Tano Asumi (Japanese) Morgan Berry (English) - Jackie, or by all her friends and gang memebers/followers call her, "Killer!" (キラー Kirā), is the leader of an underground and unknown street gang. On the surface, Jackie is a rough-an-tumble, tomboy who possesses immense street smarts. Growing up in a rural and dangerous community full of bulletholes and cop cars, Jackie had to learn how to live in the life of a family of theives and gang leaders. As her alter ego, Magic Orange (マジックオレンジ), Jackie uses sound magic. In this form, she becomes more childish, playful and childish, but extremely strong physically. 

Villains Edit

King Doctor (キングドクター Kingudokutā)

Voiced by: Keiji Fujiwara (Japanese), Costas Mandylor (English)

King Doctor, the king of witchcraft, just wants to abuse the power of magic and make it into his own. He also created Roxanne to try to get Yuki on his side, but Roxanne rebelled against him. His ultimate plan is to take over the dimension where Yuki developed her powers, as well as Earth. In is actual appearance, he has a leopard-like personality, and is believed to by Allie's father.

Oktavia (オクタビア Okutabia)

Voiced by: Maaya Sakamoto (Japanese), Aubrey Plaza (English)

King Doctor's first minion. Oktavia is very loyal to him, for she is King Doctor's wife. This makes the other assistants jealous, and she eventually rebelled in Episode 47. Oktavia is an expert in lightning magic, and can summon a lethal streak of lightning to send down at her enemies when needed. In her actual appearance, she has a dog-like appearance, mostly that of a German shepherd. She sometimes ends her sentences with "~woof".

Lindsay (リンゼイ Rinzei)

Voiced by: Emiri Kato (Japanese), Sarah Jessica Parker (English)

King Doctor's second minion. Lindsay is actually the wisest of the group, and she is an expert in mind magic. Her powers involve moving things with her mind, as well has hypnotizing people. She is actually Oktavia's rival, and they try to fight for King Doctor's love. Turns out, she was actually married before she was brainwashed, as revealed in Episode 52. In her actual appearance, she has a kangaroo-like appearance. She ends most of her sentences with "~roo".

Becky (ベッキー Bekkī)

Voiced by: Misako Fukuen (Japanese), Jessica Alba (English)

King Doctor's third minion. Becky is the youngest, and also the most spoiled. She is an expert in time magic, and can slow, stop, and even go back in time. Becky is 10 years old. In her actually appearance, she has a koala-like appearance. She doesn't end her sentences with anything.

  • Felicity (フェリシティ) Voiced by: Miyama Karin (Japanese) Allison Sumrall (English) - Pali and Poli's 28 year-old, elder sister. She might appear loving, caring but a big klutz, when in reality is an extremely dangerous, creepy and dark villainess, who is skilled in battle with not just her fists, but an entire vast variety of weaponry. She is able to access an alter ego form called Magic Jade (マジックジェイド), through the use of her ring called Emeraldium Discorda. She controls poison. On occassion, she will end her sentences with either "~yatta!" or "~desu...". Her weapon in human form is an oversized soup spoon, but in her magical form, are a pair of chain-linked scythes. 

Items Edit

Rainbow Mix Bracelet (レインボーミックスブレスレット Reinbōmikkusuburesuretto)

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Seira Okiyama

Yuki's identical twin sister.

Saya Okiyama

is yuki and seira's older sister.

Mina Okiyama

is yuki,seira and haya's mother and jutaro's wife.

Jutaro Okiyama

is yuki,seira and haya's father and mina's husband.

Friends Edit

yika hashino

Yuki's ex-girlfirend.

lyra niyoko

yuki's best friend.

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