Magical Girl: Wonderful Heart (魔法少女:ワンダフルハート Mahō Shōjo: Wandafuru Hāto) is a Japanese magical girl anime and is the first installment of CureHibiki's Wonderful Guardians franchise. The series is to air on October 5, 2014 and the series' themes are card suits and love.


Magical Girl: Wonderful Heart Episodes

Aihara Saki was once a normal junior high school student until she found the Wonderful Link. There she meets Shibomu, a girl her age from the evil organization Phantom, who demands for her to hand over the Wonderful Link. But as Shibomu goes to grab it, the Link shines and Saki transforms into Wonderful Heart! Joined by three other girls, Saki fights Phantom while collecting the Tarot Tokens.


Wonderful Guardians

Aihara Saki (愛原さき Aihara Saki)/ Wonderful Heart (ワンダフルハート Wandafuru Hāto)
Voice Actor: Momoko Hayashi
The main protagonist of the series who is lovable and talented. Saki is helpful and kind who can be clumsy and is very bad with cooking but she is good at material arts. She hates to talk to strangers and is always on a high alert for danger. She is very protective of her younger sister Natsuki. As Wonderful Heart, her theme colour is pink and her power is based of love.

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