Magical Girl: Dream Story!
Magical Girl: Dream Story! is the first series in SingMeloetta's Magical Girl series. The theme is Fairy tales. It is animated by Sunrise.

It is currently unknown how many seasons the show will have, along with how many episodes.

The genres are Magical Girl, Fantasy, and Adventure.

Plot Edit

Yumeko Tsukimiya Is seemingly a normal middle school first year girl who attends Otogibanashi Academy, but she is actually the leader of a group of Magical Girls known as Dream Story, who protect the Planet Fable. They usually fight the underlings of an evil witch from Fable known as Queen Grimhilde, though sometimes they have to face her themselves.

Characters Edit

Dream Story Edit

Yumeko Tsukimiya- The leader of Dream Story, she is very mysterious, and a lot of people find her cute. She easily dozes off and gets tired, and has to sleep often because of her low energy levels, but she still tries her best to lead Dream Story, even though Hoshi and Briar know she needs sleep. Her alter-ego is Dream Star and her Dream Emblem is the Rose Emblem.

Shinju Mizuno- A very curious girl who loves to swim, she is a hoarder and her curiosity sometimes gets her into trouble with her parents, but loves to sing and dance, and wants to become an idol and then afterwards get married. Her alter-ego is Dream Mermaid and her Dream Emblem is the Coral Emblem.

Amai Amachi- An energetic but nosy girl who works at her parents bakery after school. She usually refers to herself as Amaichi.

Rin Yukimura- A blunt girl who has very few friends because of her tsundere like personality, which she has never tried Her alter-ego is Dream Frost and her Dream Emblem is the Snow Emblem.

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