Magical FairyTale Princess! is a multi-media franchise started by Bandai and also a number of animes done by 2 different companies but still all take place in the same continuity.  Many films, albums, and a number of games and video games are planned for the series.


Over a hundred years ago, FairyTale Land was attacked by Evil End and many classic characters were killed in the massacre.  Those classic characters have now been reborn in the real world and are in danger of being attacked by Evil End. 


The anime series that are aimed at teenagers 13-18 and kids 10-12 are made by Toei animation.  While the series aimed at young kids 3-6 and older kids 7-12 are made by Studio Pierrot.


  •  The Long Haired Maiden of Love and Justice! Princess Golden Braid!
  •  Legendary Mermaid Princess! Princess Ocean Star!

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