The Birth of a Great Detecive Part 1 is the very first episode of Magical Detective Sakura Pri.

The Birth of a Great Detective Part 1
Japanese title 探偵パート1の誕生 (Tantei pāto 1 no tanjō)
Episode Information
Episode no. 1
Directed by CureSailorMoon1617
Writers CureSailorMoon1617
Languages Japanese


Duration 23 min
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The Birth of a Great Detective Part 2


A young girl, wearing a blue sun dress and has short black hair, is getting her stuff together as the school bell rings for the end of class. A boy with dark brown hair and brown eyes wearing a green sweater and blue jeans comes up behind her and yells, “Happy Birthday Ayumi-chan”. But Ayumi isn’t surprised at all and says, “Thanks Takato-san, so where are the others”. Takato says, “They are waiting for us at karaoke parlor with Ami-Oneesan”. She says, “Great, so let’s get there quickly so we all may celebrate my ‘12th birthday’”. They both then leaves the classroom and get their shoes from their cubbies.

As they walk down the sidewalk, Takato asks Ayumi, “What do want to be when you grow up?” She tells him, “I want to be a detective with my very own agency, have lots of great gadgets, and own a super cool motorcycle”. He says, “Wow, you sure got big dreams Ayumi, I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up”. She replies, “Don’t worry, you will find what you want to do someday Takato-san”. He says, “I guess you’re right, so can I give you your birthday present from me right now”. She says, “Sure, thanks, this will be my first birthday gift from anyone today”.

He hands her a gift box with pink wrapping paper and a blue ribbon. She opens it to find an old fashioned style watch made of stainless steel with an engraving of Sherlock Holmes on the lid. She says, “Oh Takato-san, thanks, it is just what I wanted”. He says, “I know, I bought it for you because you had been talking for weeks about wanting that exact watch”. Ayumi says, “I promise to treasure it always with all my heart no matter what happens”. As they are crossing the street, a car suddenly comes out of nowhere heading straight for Takato but Ayumi pushes him out of the way and takes the hit instead.

She is suddenly faints and disappears in a flash of light. She wakes up on the other side of the street just a few minutes later but feels different. She then notices Takato beside her and asks him, “Takato-san, are you alright?” Takato asks, “I’m okay, but who are you onee-san”. She asks him, “Why did you just call me Onee-san? Aren’t we the same age Takato-san?” He says, “What are you talking about, you’re a grown up Onee-san”. She is confused and looks at herself in the car’s window, she is shocked by her appearance. She is now looks like she is a grown up and has long pink hair in a braid.

She is wearing an embroidered light pink dress with a matching caplet, dark pink deer hat, and knee high hot pink lace up boots. She says, “What has happened to me, I look like a grown”. The paramedics soon arrive and treat Takato, who luckily only has minor injuries. One of the paramedics ask Ayumi, “Are you okay Ojou-san?” She says, “Yeah, can you explain how a kid like me turned into a grown up after getting hit by a car”. The paramedic asks her, “Is that supposed to be some kind of joke Ojou-san, because if it is it is not that funny”. She says, “Sorry, my friends say I have a twisted sense of humour. And speaking of friends, I have to go meet them. So I should get going, bye”.

She is about to leave the scene when the police arrive and attempt to arrest the man for attempted murder. The suspect, a man with messy hair and wearing a factory jumpsuit, says, “Huh, you have no proof of that do you”. She goes up to a detective with dark brown hair wearing a brown suit and trench coat, and asks, “Why do you think it was attempted murder detective?” He says, “Because the suspect has a history of stocking and pedophilia. We think that the little boy he almost hit was his latest target”. She says, “Someone was stocking Takato-san that would explain why he was too afraid to walk home alone from school for the last month”.

The detective looks to his side and asks, “Ojou-chan, who are you? And why are you here?” She says, “Oh me, well I am, well you see”, in a nervous voice while searching through her bag for a wallet or some sort of ID. She soon finds her wallet and pulls out the ID and passes it to the police detective. He says, “So your name is Sakura Pri-chan and you’re 25 years old as of today”. Sakura says, “Yeah, that’s me all right, and I am planning to start my own detective agency soon”. He says, “So you’re a private detective”, and she replies, “Yes”. He says, “You’re pretty cute for a detective. Nice to meet you, my name is Minato Mino”.

She says, “Nice to meet you too Minato-san”. He asks, “So do you want to help us Pri-chan, we could really use the help”. Sakura replies, “Yes, of course, I have nothing better to do”. He says, “Alright”, and leads her to the front of the car where he shows her a large pool of blood. She is worried that it might be her and says, “This is sure a lot of blood for someone who didn’t get hit”. Minato tells her, “It isn’t the little boys, it seems that the boy’s friend pushed him out of the way and got hit instead. Although the true victim in this case seems to have disappeared in to thin air”. She starts getting even more worried and asks, “Have you been able to identify the missing kid who got hit?”

He tells her in an upset voice, “Yes we have, that old lady over there witnessed the whole thing and identified our missing victim as Ayumi Reimia, the daughter of TV reporter Ringo Reimia-chan and my superior Inspector Reimia-sama”. Sakura is shocked by this and asks, “Do you think she is still alive?” Minato has a sad look and tells her, “I don’t know, but based on the injuries she might have sustained and the large amount of blood in the spot where she got hit, we suspect the worst for her”. Sakura is both shocked and extremely sad by this but decides to hold a serious face.

She then says, “I saw it all, this man didn’t stop even when the children were crossing the street and he was aiming strait for the little boy”. Minato says, “That’s enough proof for me, take him away boys. Thank you for your help Pri-chan”. She then says, “No problem”, and pulls what looks like a car remote out of her purse while looking for some candy. She presses the blue button with a heart and a pink motorcycle comes out of nowhere. Minato says, “Cool motorcycle is it yours Pri-chan?” Sakura says, “I think it is, and I should get going home. So bye for now Minato-san”, and leaves in a hurry before Minato even has chance to say good bye to her.

She is upset and confused, so she decides to head to her to look answers. It soon starts raining. She reaches her house just as the police leave. She says, “Mama and papa, I need your help”. Inspector Reimia asks, “Who are you? And why did you just call us your parents?” Sakura says, “Don’t you recognize your own daughter, it’s me Ayumi”. He says, “You liar, out daughter is an adorable young girl, not a young women”. She says, “Papa, why don’t recognize me, you said you would recognize no matter what I look like”. He says, “Leaves us alone now or else I will have you arrested”.

Sakura gets up on her motorcycle and says, “Alright, I will leave you alone but you will probably never your daughter again I bet Inspector Reimia-san”. She then leaves on her motorcycle for a little while confused and hungry until she collapses in front of a blue house. Minato then comes out of the house to check the garden when he notices Sakura collapsed in a large puddle of water. So her calls out a women with long black in blue nightgown. The women says, “What is wrong this time Minato-niisan”. He says, “Can you help me get her into the house Mimiko”. She says, “Alright but you owe me for this”, and together they bring her into the house.


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