Magic Knight Iris (マジック ナイトアイリス Majikku Naito Airisu?)is the first series by Chapter Knight


Sixteen-year-old Aonoken Ayame is an average girl starting highschool, until her cat Saika led her to a magical sword. The minute she picked it up, a demon showed up calling her Iris. After accidentally slicing it in half, she ends up having to follow her cat, being told that the demon hadn't been sent back to the underworld.

Saika explains that her descendant was named Iris and that the sword was now hers. She soon has to transform into the magic knight Iris to fight the demons as well Rosabell to save the world.



  • Aonoken Ayame
    • Ayame is the protagonist of Magic Knight Iris. An upbeat girl, with a strong sense of morals, she'll stick up for just about anyone. She can be rather clumsy, but never let's her bother in the slightest. At age sixteen, she is a first year student at Hana no Yume Academy. Since a child, she has trained in swordfighting. With her ancestor's sacred sword (which she deguises as a necklace), she turns into the Magic Knight Iris.


  • Iris
    • Ayame's ancestor, that lives inside the sacred sword. In order to save her home, she had to seal away her oldest friend Rosabell. She is very helpful to her descendant with fighting Rosabell and her demonic monsters.
  • Saika
    • Ayame's cat. Actually an angel, she deguises herself as a cat for both Iris and Ayame.
  • Morimoto Ren
    • Ren is Ayame's classmate, at the only person who knows Ayame is Iris.


  • Rosabell
    • Rosabell is Iris' old friend who has been sealed away for years. After being awkened from her seal, she sent her demonic beings to take over the Earth, starting in Japan, where she had been sealed away.
  • Rosabell's demons- The main "monster" of the series.



  • The Sacred Sword - A magical weapon blessed by angels, when Iris was only eleven. Now in modern Japan, it's the weapon that Ayame uses to fight Rosabell's demons.
  • The Forbidden Codex - A demonic book found by Rosabell after her home was destroyed at age eleven. Using it, she took over Japan, and gained control over demons.




  • Ayame and the Sacred Sword
  • Ayame in battle
  • Ayame and Ren


  • Hisako Kanemoto as Ayame
  • Suzuko Mimori as Iris
  • Ai Maeda as Rosabell
  • Shoko Nakagawa as Saika



Character Song AlbumsEdit


  • This series is based off Chapter K from the game Cytus.

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