M.G Cosmic ray is a new tv series continuing the spin on magical girls, In the story the queen of fairies has given her power to her three awkward nieces.

M.G Cosmic Ray
TV Series information
Directed by Thaxander12
Producers Thaxander12
Writers Thaxander12
Episodes 19(Ssaso. 1)
Languages English/Japanese
Original Channel Unknown


Team NebulaEdit

The three nieces they are benevolent rulers and tend to be excitable and  energetic though in battle they're a force to be reckoned with

  • Madison
  • Anastasia
  • Ellie


Paychojin are all villainous dark magical girls who have little to NO redemption, They were made as evil clones of unknown girls who were greedy and are psychopathic but mostly yandere.

  • Maria: A crazed female and the most prominent, Maria is a problem to be dealt with..she thinks kyn is senpai and she wants him, If she can't have kyn NOBODY  can
  • Heather
  • Sara


  • Kyn


  • This show will be based on earth but in a near future.
  • It might be A LOT cliches
  • The series has some resemblances of the powerpuff girls but I'll try to keep it as original..partially

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