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StudioMoonstruck Studios
NetworkTV Tokyo
Original RunJanuary 30, 2017
Opening SongAlone
Ending SongTainted

Lost (失われた Ushinawareta) is an anime produced by MikuHatsune145. The story is about four friends being Nephalems (half-demons, half-angels) who finds a Cambion (half-demon, half-human) who has no mother and no father and thus doesn't know his origins. Miku took him under her wing and decided to teach him how to use his powers.


Miku along with her friends Sunny, Mikuo, Kain, Avani and Yann were walking around the city in a rainy day. As they walked further, they encountered a young boy, his arms around his knees, on a wet bench. Miku approached him and protected him from the rain with her umbrella, he looked at her, and she noticed his demonic red eyes. At her home, she gave him some dry clothes and asked him why was he alone and what is his name.

His name is Alex and he was alone because he has no family, nowhere to live and no support, he also knows why he was abandoned: because his father is a demon and his mother was afraid of him and fled. But because she was afraid of the baby, she left him before an orphanage. All his mother left for him was a letter with his name (which could be only opened by himself only) and a medallion. Miku offered him to stay with him and teach him how to use his powers. His powers are deadly and need a lot of time to master. Another problem is that he doesn't control his demon self, resulting in Alex randomly transforming. Like Kain, a human-demon hybrid, he has a rare symbiotic connection with his demon self.

Because of his status as an hybrid, he and his family or loved ones (like Jenna) are hunted by full-breed demons and he has to stop them. All while searching for his origins, his parents and how to use his powers without doing any damage.



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