A yang airbendr named Angela was on her why to a shop. When she rmebrd it was  her sweet 16. She was rille iscitid. A firebendr named palo tris to play a prank . He set all her raw meat on fire. She freaked out a female waterbendr put out the Flames. The firebendr and waterbendr were twins Who always with fight with each other. "What is wrong with you" said the waterbendr "I am having a little fun" said the firebendr "She could have been hurt" said the waterbendr "Oh I'm sorry I don't want to hurt anyone" said the firebendr "it's okay I'm fineplus I'm in Airbendr I am Angela" she said "I am Apollo and I am Dianasaid the twins They Went to a nearby park. They talked about all sorts of different event bending. Next they all the way to Angelas House. When they heard a knock at the Store. There were four people at the door Who wished to see Angela we told her she was The avatar she laugh "this is a joke right"she said The 4 Man you really are the avatar they told her. The 4 mutton noticed the twins who are you. "We are twins i'm a firebendr and I am a waterbendr" said the twins Will you teach the avatar in the fire and water. "yeah what an honor" said the twins In the morning please set off on their journey and adventure begin. On my way to a nearby townacross Elementary school teacher who was a fine Earthbendr. But he did not have a White or kids . Would you like to join us on our journey? They asked "yes" he said On they journey they were attacked by a gang of rompers Angela away the wallpaper with her in secon. All 4 Friends continued on their journey. the end   

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