A member of Magic.Com Pretty Cure.  Her online name is FashionQueen16 and her cure identity is Cure Art. 

Lauren Drameado
Cure Art
Kanji ローレンティーン向けドラマ
Age 15
Gender Female
Race Human
Hair Color Black (Lauren Drameado)

Purple and Pink (FashionQueen16) Blue (Cure Art)

Eye Color Green (Lauren and Cure Art)

Blue (FashionQueen16)

Personal Status
Relatives Mother

Father Younger sister Aunt

Occupation Moderator


She is a talented, smart, and good hearted woman. She loves mystery novels, crime shows, mystery movies, and horror movies and TV shows. Her favorite book is the Fault in Our Stars. Her favorite animal is a dolphin. Her favorite TV show is Pretty Little Liars. Her favorite holiday is Christmas.  

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Her theme color is blue. Her powers are music and song and she is a musician type player as a pretty cure. She shows a great talent for music and excellent singing voice in battle.





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