Lalala! The Series! is the second magical girl series created by Japanesenerd247, with the help of PrettyPreppy~ and KiraKira-Chan! The series consists of ten 13 year-olds who become magical girls/rock guitarists who must save the world from the evil Plumato clan!

Story Edit

Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom where rock was the dominant genre of music, there lived the beautiful Queen Presley, the queen of all rock n roll! As long as the sparkling Rock Crystals remained, peace and balance was created and kept that way. Unfortunately, the evil Plumato clan wants to cause discord and disharmony for all music. So, to prevent control from happening from the Plumato clan, she sent the crystals to Earth to find the legendary warriors known as the Galaxia Girls,and stop the Plumato clan from causing control over both places! Can they do it?

The Galaxia Girls Edit

Harumi Aikawa (相川晴美 Aikawa Harumi) (Ashley Griffin)- Galaxia Daisy

Harumi is a happy-go-lucky and nerdy 13 year-old who just loves rock and everything about it. She also wishes to inspire people to become whatever they want them to be. As Galaxia Daisy, she represents the power of 70's rock. Her animal is a deer, her background and main color is hot pink, and her guitar is called the Strawberry Explosion (it's a right-handed Fender Stratocaster, colored pink). Her ultimate form is Strawberry Fawn.

Aki Hiyama (檜山あき Hiyama Aki) (Hallie Navarro)- Galaxia Flare

Aki is the typical life of the party. She is also smart and agile, and has a black belt in judo and karate.